IT Security Companies in Rhode Island, US




Company: Light House Computer Services

Security Services: A number of IT auditing and compliance services, perimeter and endpoint security, identity and access management.

Other: Infrastructure, virtualisation and others, storage and backup, content management.

Locations: Lincoln, RI | New York, NY.

Company: Net Cenergy

Security Services: Internet security and management service providing web filtering, firewall capability, spam, Ad, spyware, and phish blocking

Other: E-mail, OS, storage, virtualisation, IT assessment,

Locations: Warwick, RI.

Company: NetSense

Security Services: Network and endpoint solutions and services.

Other: Web solutions and services, managed services.

Locations: Providence, RI | Boston, MA | Stamford, CT.

Company: TLIC

Security Services: Security managed services and a range of security products\solutions from leading vendors.

Other: Maintenance renewals, software licensing, hardware solutions, network management, services and solutions.

Locations: Exeter, RI.