IT Security Companies in California, US



Company: Accuvant

Security Services: A company specialising in risk and compliance management, security products and solutions.


Locations: Denver, CO (head office) | TX | GA | OH | IL | TN | KS | CA | NV | FL | OR | WI | MN | AZ | NC | UT | WA.

Company: Advanced Systems Group

Security Services: A company providing a range of security solutions and services.

Other: Cloud computing, networking, servers, storage and more.

Locations: Denver, CO (head office) | Houston, TX | Colorado Springs, CO | Boise, ID | Phoenix, AZ | Bellevue, WA | Beaverton, OR | San Diego, CA | Salt Lake City, UT | Baton Rouge, LA.

Company: Akibia

Security Services: Risk management, compliance, data protection, support, firewall training.

Other: Data centre, networking, consulting.

Locations: Westborough, MA (head office) | Northborough, MA | New York, NY | Edison, NJ | Oak Brook, IL | Dallas, TX | Austin, TX | Fremont, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Louisville, Colorado.

Company: Applied Computer Solutions

Security Services: ACS provide a number of solutions and services in IT security.

Other: A number of other services and solutions.

Locations: Huntington Beach, CA | Sherman Oaks, CA | Pleasanton, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Rocklin, CA | San Diego, CA | Sunnyvale, CA | Seattle, WA | St. Louis, MO | Atlanta, GA.

Company: Bay Dynamics

Security Services: A IT solution provider with a strong focus in IT security and security best practices.


Locations: San Francisco, CA | New York, NY.

Company: B2B Computer Products

Security Services: Selling security products from leading security vendors.

Other: Many other IT technologies, products and solutions.

Locations: Chicago, Addison IL | New York, NY | Cerritos, CA.

Company: CMT

Security Services: A company specialising in data management, security and storage.

Other: Virtualisation

Locations: Santa Clara, CA .

Company: CompuCom

Security Services: Range of security solutions and services.

Other: Infrastructure management services, application services, systems integration and consulting services, hardware, software and more.

Locations: Anchorage, AK | Dallas, TX (head office) | Calgary, Alberta | Mississauga, Ontario | Foxborough, MA | Tewksbury, Massachusetts | Paulsboro, NJ | Bellevue, WA | Liberty Lake, Washington | Houston, TX | Reston, VA | New York, NY | San Ramon, CA | Des Plaines, IL | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Company: datalink

Security Services: Data storage and protection, business continuity and disaster recovery and others.

Other: Network infrastructure, virtualisation and more.

Locations: Chanhassen, MN (head office) | AZ | CA | CO | CT | VA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MO | NV | NJ | NY | NC | OH | OR | PA | TX | WA | WI.

Company: Emagined Security

Security Services: A company offering professional services for information security and compliance solutions.


Locations: San Carlos, CA.

Company: En Pointe Technologies

Security Services: Providing a number of services and solutions in security and other areas of IT.

Other: Hardware procurement services, professional services, managed services, software licensing.

Locations: Gardena, CA.

Company: Fishnet Security

Security Services: A value add reseller with a large portfolio of security products and solutions, managed security services and consultancy, ISO 27002, PCI, HIPPA services.


Locations: Kansas City, MO (head office) | Alpharetta, GA | Westford, MA | Dublin, OH | Troy, MI | Ft. Wayne, IN | Indianapolis, IN | New York, NY | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | Herndon, VA | West Palm Beach, FL | Downers Grove, IL | Kansas City, MO | Addison, TX | Denver, CO | Houston, TX | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | St. Paul, MN | Newport Beach, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Livermore, CA | Seattle, WA | Essex, UK

Company: Fusion Storm

Security Services: A company providing a wide variety of services, managed services, solutions and training.

Other: Many.

Locations: San Francisco , CA (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Bakersfield, CA | Irvine , CA | Sacramento, CA | San Diego, CA | San Jose, CA | Las Vegas, NV | Plano, TX | Cincinnati, Ohio | Columbus, OH | Franklin, MA | Red Bank, NJ | New York, NY | Tampa, FL.

Company: Global Technology Resources

Security Services: A good range of solutions and services.

Other: IPv6, structured cabling and more.

Locations: Denver, CO (head office) | Salt Lake City, UT | Kent, WA | Fort Stockton, TX | San Jose, CA | Palmdale, CA | Palmdale, CA | Aldie, MD | Washington D.C. | Mount Pleasant, SC | Southbury, CT | Tampa, FL.

Company: Insight Networking

Security Services: Insight provide a range of security solutions and services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Unified communications, infrastructure.

Locations: Tempe, Arizona (head office) | Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Charlotte, NC | Chantilly, VA | Chicago, IL | Columbus, OH | Corpus Christi, TX | Costa Mesa, CA | Cupertino, CA | Hanover Park, IL | Houston, TX | Kansas City, KS | Lake Wales, FL | Liberty Lake, WA | Madison, WI | McAllen, TX | New York, NY | Time Warner Center, NY | Norwalk, CT | Plano, TX | Portland, OR | Raleigh, NC | St. Paul MN | San Diego, CA | Seattle, WA | St. Louis, MO | Tampa, FL | Tempe, AZ | Tucson, AZ | Waltham, MA

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: Integralis

Security Services: Managed services, complete security portfolio, consulting, support, risk and compliance services and more.


Locations: East Hartford, CT | New York, NY | Aliso Viejo, CA | Reading, UK | Manchester, UK | London, UK | Edinburgh, UK | Other offices outside UK and US.

Company: Integrated Archive Systems

Security Services: A data management company providing solutions and services enabling effective management of data. They do not specify any IT security related services. However managing data naturally ties in with security and they are partners with leading security vendors.

Other: Data management.

Locations: Palo Alto, CA (head office) | Carlsbad, CA | Pleasanton, CA | Seattle, WA.

Company: iON Secured Networks

Security Services: A security specialist company, security solutions and services, managed services, SOX assessment, pen testing and more.


Locations: Calgary, Alberta | Santa Clara, California | Vancouver, British-Columbia.


Security Services: A company with a wide range of solutions and services with a focus in three main areas which are communications and collaboration, data centre and professional and managed services. Security solutions and services form a part of their overall IT offerings.

Other: Many.

Locations: Slough, UK (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA | Shelton, CT | Alpharetta, GA | Lisle, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Waltham, MA | Farmington Hills, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Chesterfield, MO | Bridgewater, NJ | New York, NY | Charlotte, NC | Cincinnati, OH | Dublin, OH | Houston, TX | Plano, TX | San Antonio TX | Bellevue, WA | De Pere, WI | Brookfield, WI.


Security Services: Various security services as part of their infrastructure offerings.

Other: Managed services, data centre services, desktop support, management and training solutions.

Locations: Cranford, NJ | Wallington, NJ | Orange, CA | Sunbury-on-Thames, UK.

Company: MTM Technologies

Security Services: Managed security services.

Other: Virtualisation, unified communications, managed services.

Locations: Stamford, CT | El Segundo, CA | San Francisco, CA | Cincinnati, OH | Arlington Heights, IL | Columbus, OH | Dallas, TX | Houston, TX | Milwaukee, WI | St. Louis, MO | New York, NY | Stoneham, MA | Dover, DE | Wayne, PA | Wilmington, DE.

Company: NetWrix

Security Services: A company based in the US offering Security and Compliance, Business Continuity, Operations Management. NetWrix provide Change Auditing / SIEM and Identity Management tools to organisations of all sizes througout the world as well as other services and solutions.


Locations: Paramus, NJ | Irvine, CA | Framingham, MA | Tampa, FL

Company: Network Computing Architects

Security Services: Firewall training (Watchguard, Palo Alto), VOIP assessment, baseline analysis, various other services and solutions.

Other: Networking, communications, telecoms.

Locations: Bellevue, WA | Oregon | Northern California | Spokane, WA.

Company: Novacoast

Security Services: A software development specialist company who have worked with leading vendors such as Symantec. Expertise in regulatory compliance, intrusion detection, identity management, single sign-on.

Other: Storage, backup, mail and messaging, storage, Linux, ZENWorks.

Locations: Santa Barbara, CA | Santa Barbara, CA | Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Portland, OR | Cincinnati, OH | Philadelphia, PA | New Orleans, LA | Provo, UT.

Company: NWN Corporation

Security Services: Security testing, analysis and response, video surveillance & security compliance, network security, information security.

Other: Application development, data centre and virtualisation, networking, unified communications and more.

Locations: Waltham, MA (head office) | Charlotte, NC | Farmington, CT | Fresno, CA | Greensboro, NC | Greenville, SC | Houston, TX | Mt. Laurel, NJ | Morrisville, NC | Sacramento, CA | Salt Lake City, UT.

Company: Right Systems

Security Services: A solid range of leading security products.

Other: Infrastructure, IP communications, storage, wireless, virtualisation.

Locations: Lacey, Washington | Bellevue, WA | Spokane, WA | Anchorage, AK | Portland, Oregon | Meridian, ID | San Jose, CA.

Company: SAVVIS

Security Services: A reputable company with an excellent cloud offering. Various security solutions and services covering threat management, cloud security, log management, firewalls, IPS and more.

Other: Cloud, hosting colocation, network, professional services.

Locations: Town & Country, MO | Atlanta, GA | Waltham, MA | Chicago, IL | Ft. Worth, TX | Greenwood Village, CO | Herndon, VA | Irvine, CA | El Segundo, CA | Weehawken, NJ | Santa Clara, CA | Tukwila, WA | Town & Country, MO | Mississauga, ON | Vancouver, BC | Montreal, QC | Quebec City, QC | Wokingham, UK | London, UK.


Security Services: Security consulting, installations and managed services.


Locations: Honolulu, HI | San Francisco, CA | Chicago, IL.

Company: TRACE3

Security Services: A value added reseller providing solutions and services in security and other areas of IT.

Other: Storage, networking, backup and archiving, virtualisation.

Locations: Irvine, CA | El Segundo, CA | Solana Beach, CA | Englewood, Colorado | Phoenix, AZ.