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Network Routers Vendor List





Allied Telesis provide a range of routers for small and enterprise size networks.


Billion provide routers for small businesses with built in 3G and ADSL, SHDSL, functionality.


BROCADE is a worldwide vendor specialising in networking and storage solutions. Brocade provide a range of network routers.


Cisco is the leader in the networking space and provides a wide variety of routers.


Enterasys Secure Networks offer a range of both small and enterprise routers. Enterasys Secure Networks also offer security solutions.


HP provide a wide range of routers and have expanded since the acquisition of 3com.


Huawei Symantec Technologies specialises in network security and storage and deliver security routers known as Secospace in 3 major categories and a number of models suitable for small offices to large enterprise size networks.


Juniper Networks provide a wide range of routers for small and enterprise networks and offer a number of options such as MPLS and security capabilities built in to their solutions.