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Storage Product Solutions & Vendors

The world of storage covers a wide range of products, solutions and services. A few examples of these are Storage Management Software, Virtual Tapes, NAS Storage, SAN Storage, Disk Arrays, Storage Routers, Fibre Channel Switches and there's many more.

The list below includes vendors that specialise in storage solutions.





Adaptec provides RAID and HBA controllers for SATA, SAS and SCSI drives.


Aptare delivers storage reporting capabilities in its StorageConsole platform and Capacity Manager.


Avere Systems is a dedicated storage solutions vendor.


BlueArc is a specialist in NAS systems delivering data management and storage management solutions.


Bridgeworks is a provider of connectivity solutions for data storage.


Brocade specialises in enterprise network solutions and provides a portfolio of storage area network products such as storage switches, SAN backbones, SAN directors, management software, adaptors, SAN fabric applications and routers.


Buffalo Technology is a provider of storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products and delivers network storage, external storage and internal drives.


CDNetworks provides a cloud storage service.


Chelsio Communications specialises in accelerating network performance in enterprise data centres and other environments.


Cisco has a storage network portfolio. Some of its solutions include Directors and Modular Switches, Fabric and Blade Server Switches, Data Center SAN Management.


Data Robotics provides a product suite known as Drobo. Drobo Elite is an ISCSI SAN solution with built in RAID technology. Drobo Elite has been positioned towards small businesses that require a simple and easy to use product. It is Symantec Backup Exec and VMware certified. Data Robotics has other Drobo products designed for small businesses.


Dell and Compellent have combined their product offerings to provide storage solutions known as Fluid Data. The products include direct attached storage, disk expansion enclosure (SAS), disk arrays for clusters, network storage, Dell Compellent storage center, Dell EqualLogic storage, fibre channel storage area network, iSCSI storage area network, network attached storage, data protection, disk backup, tape automation, tape drives.


D-Link has a range of storage products.


DotHill is a provider of SAN storage, virtual storage appliances, storage software and JBOD expansion arrays.


EMC provides a number of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. EMC has a wide range of storage solution portfolio. EMC also provides other IT solutions in other areas such as security.


Emulex delivers a framework that connects servers, networks and storage devices within the data center. Emulex portfolio consists of fibre channel HBA's, 10GbE network adaptors, 10Gbe FCoE CNAs and 10GbE ISCSI adaptors.


Enhance Technologies is a provider of hybrid I/O technologies in storage, Enhance Technology designs and manufactures high performance RAID, JBOD, and NAS storage systems and solutions. Enhance Technologies product line holds HA dual controller storage systems, professional storage systems, workgroup storage systems and video and audio storage systems.


Falconstor is a storage and backup vendor delivering virtual tape libraries and virtual storage servers.


Fujitsu provides storage solutions including disk storage systems, tape systems, data protection, SAN switches and storage software.


HP has a wide range of storage solutions, some of which includes storage blades, storage networking, storage software, NAS systems, disk based backup, disk storage systems, information management software, tape storage and media.


Huawei Symantec Technologies is a provider of network security and storage solutions. Huawei family of storage solutions includes SAN products, NAS products, application storage and cloud storage.


IBM delivers a number of storage solutions that include disk systems, tape systems, storage area networks, network attached storage, media, management software, archiving and retention, storage solutions, Tivoli storage management solutions. Through IBM's acquisition of Blade Network Technologies IBM also supply networking and storage application connectivity for virtualised data centres.


Infortrend is a supplier of storage products and carries SAN, DAS, and NAS solutions.


Iomega Networks provides NAS storage for small businesses.


Iron Mountain has an online storage service.


LSI is a vendor of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies providing end to end storage solutions. LSI delivers RAID controllers, host bus adapters, JBODs, external storage, SAS switches, solid state storage.


Mellanox Technologies is a provider of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity solutions and services for servers and storage.


Metalogix offers a storage solution for Microsoft Sharepoint.


Microsoft delivers its Windows Storage Server that provides management of file data.


NetApp is a well-known storage vendor and has wide range storage offerings for small and enterprise size networks.


Netgear has a range of network attached storage solutions for home and business users.


Oracle is a large vendor specialising in business software and hardware systems and has a portfolio of Sun servers, storage, software, and networking products.


Origin Storage Limited delivers NAS/SAN/ISCSI, encrypted hard drives, flash drives, DAS storage systems and more.


Overland Storage is a data management and data protection vendor. Overland Storage offers Snapsan storage area network, Snapserver network attached storage, Reo virtual tape libraries and Neo tape libraries and autoloaders.


Pillar Data Systems is a storage vendor delivering unified storage, SAN and NAS solutions.


Promise delivers RAID storage solutions for very small to enterprise level networks.


ProStor Systems is a storage vendor offering data center storage systems for long term retention.


QLogic is a dedicated storage networking infrastructure solutions vendor. QLogic offers storage adaptors, routers, switches and ASICs.


RELDATA is a storage vendor. RELDATA ensures of long term storage and data is always available for disaster recovery.


Rorke Data delivers SAN, NAS, RAID, backup and recovery solutions.


Seanodes is a provider of virtual SAN solutions for small and medium sized businesses.


Stonefly holds a portfolio of IP SAN solutions.


Symantec provides storage management software through a number of software products and services.


xiotech delivers high-performance storage blades.


ZyXEL has a number of products in security, connectivity, networking and also provides some network attached storage products and management software.


3PAR offers storage systems, management and software solutions.