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Network Management & Monitoring Software Vendors






Alchemy Labs provides solutions called Network Inventory and Network Monitor for monitoring servers availability and performance, and inventory user workstations.


Akorri delivers server and storage performance analysis supporting both physical and virtual environments.


Anue Systems is a provider of the Net Tool Optimiser solution that gives you complete network visibility.


Axial Systems Limited offers a solution known as Niksun which records and stores network data. NetOptics provides network visibility by using it as a network TAP or for aggregating devices. NetScout is a network analyzer.


Avecto Specialises in Windows management and have a product known as Privilege Guard which is a Windows privilege management system.


Bluecoat is a network security vendor providing solutions in web security, visibility and acceleration. Bluecoat Packet Shaper can be used to provide visibility and control over your network.


Codenomicon DEFENSICS provides a network analyzer and a traffic capture solution as well as a range of other products.


Colasoft is a network analysis vendor providing nChronos and Capsa as their flagship products, which are network analysis solutions. Colasoft also offers a free network analyzer.


Enterasys is a provider of switching, wireless and network management technology. Enterasys Network Management Suite and Enterasys Wireless Network Management Suite provide visibility and control of network devices.


fluke Networks is a provider of IT Networking, Telecom and Datacom Cabling solutions. Fluke Networks delivers a number of networking visibility, performance management, wireless design, and networking troubleshooting tools.


GFI Network Server Monitor scans the network for failures or any issues and will alert you. The solution supports many infrastructure nodes such as Windows and Linux OS's, routers and switches and more.


Gigamon is a provider of GTAP which is a network TAP supporting up to 10Gig of bandwidth. Network TAPs are used for monitoring purposes in network environments.


GFI Software offers a solution known as GFI Network Server Monitor which is able to monitor Windows and Linux servers, workstations and other devices. It has automated remediation capabilities.


Infoblox has a management product known as NetMRI which provides change and configuration management.


IPswitch delivers server and network monitoring software. You can discover your network devices, view a representation of your network including virtual environments, monitor, alert and report on your network devices.


Ixia has solutions for network testing of various networking products and technologies such as wireless, broadband, IPTV and VOIP.


Lancope is a provider of flow based monitoring and holds a range of StealthWatch software solutions that can monitor traffic performance and alert and report on these using NetFlow and SFlow packet capture.


ManageEngine offers a variety of IT management and monitoring software solutions including application monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, network monitoring, VOIP monitoring and more.


Mancala Networks Network Controller solution can discover and provide visibility of devices, provides control using policies and NAC rules and delivers management functionality.


NetWitness that has been acquired by EMC has a range of products that can provide network monitoring for different security challenges such as fraud and malware detection.


Network instruments is a provider of monitoring software that is able to monitor network traffic across a number of topologies such as LAN, fibre, wireless, Gigabit and 10 Gb.


PacketSentry delivers network monitoring, auditing and reporting and supports virtual environment.


Paessler that is a network monitoring company has a product known as PRTG which is a network monitoring software that offers availability, bandwidth and performance monitoring. The software is available both as freeware and there is a commercial edition.


Plixer International delivers Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer to measure the status and health of the network.


Quest Software offers PackTrap IT which is for small and medium size businesses and PackTrap MSP which is for managed service providers. PacketTrap IT is a network management tool and PacketTrap MSP is a remote network monitoring tool.


Quotium Technologies has a product called Qtest that is able to test the load of your applications and how they will affect the performance of the network.


Q1Labs that is known for it's SIEM solutions provides application activity monitoring that monitors traffic at the application layer providing much finer detail and network activity monitoring which helps with understanding the behaviour of a network and discovering assets. Q1Labs also supports Virtual Activity Monitor for virtual environments.


Radware delivers a real time event based monitoring solution known as Inflight.


Real-Status is a software company specialising in visualisation software for IT network infrastructures. HyperGlance is a product that can let you view your IT infrastructure in 3D.


Riverbed that is a WAN optimisation giant delivers solutions for providing network and application visibility that can collect traffic data based on users, systems and applications and provide alerts if it detects any problems.


Solarwinds has a range of network management and monitoring software known as Orion. Orion Network Performance Monitor measure performance of the network and Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer analyses flow data and delivers a complete picture of the network. Orion delivers other products as well.


STEALTHbits Technologies is a vendor with auditing and reporting solutions for the Microsoft environment enabling collection of data.


Veeam specialises in products for VMware and delivers monitoring, alerting and reporting software for VMware known as Veeam Monitor.


WebSpy is a provider of internet management software which can monitor, analyse and report on email, internet and network behaviour usage.