IT Security Companies in Michigan, US




Company: Fishnet Security

Security Services: A value add reseller with a large portfolio of security products and solutions, managed security services and consultancy, ISO 27002, PCI, HIPPA services.


Locations: Kansas City, MO (head office) | Alpharetta, GA | Westford, MA | Dublin, OH | Troy, MI | Ft. Wayne, IN | Indianapolis, IN | New York, NY | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | Herndon, VA | West Palm Beach, FL | Downers Grove, IL | Kansas City, MO | Addison, TX | Denver, CO | Houston, TX | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | St. Paul, MN | Newport Beach, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Livermore, CA | Seattle, WA | Essex, UK


Security Services: A company with a wide range of solutions and services with a focus in three main areas which are communications and collaboration, data centre and professional and managed services. Security solutions and services form a part of their overall IT offerings.

Other: Many.

Locations: Slough, UK (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA | Shelton, CT | Alpharetta, GA | Lisle, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Waltham, MA | FarmingtonĀ Hills, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Chesterfield, MO | Bridgewater, NJ | New York, NY | Charlotte, NC | Cincinnati, OH | Dublin, OH | Houston, TX | Plano, TX | San Antonio TX | Bellevue, WA | De Pere, WI | Brookfield, WI.

Company: Sequris Group

Security Services: Security operation centre, vulnerability management, firewall analysis, risk management, assessment and testing and others.


Locations: Royal Oak, MI | Phoenix, AZ | Atlanta, GA.

Company: Stefanini Tech Team

Security Services: ITIL consulting, CA implementation and more.

Other: Other various IT services and solutions.

Locations: Southfield, MI | Davenport, IA | Middlesex, UK.

Company: Strategic Network Solutions, LLC

Security Services: Various security solutions.

Other: Networking solutions.

Locations: Belleville, MI .

Company: SunTel Services

Security Services: Firewall management, vulnerability analysis, endpoint and network security and others.

Other: Data centre, cabling, IP networks, wireless networks, network management, telephony, mobility, multimedia conferences and unified communications.

Locations: Troy, MI | Flint, MI | Detroit, MI | Grand Rapids, MI | Traverse City, MI.

Company: Ultra Level

Security Services: A virtualisation specialist company that provide some security services and solutions such as UTM firewalls, identity management and remote access gateways.

Other: Virtualisation, Citrix, VMware.

Locations: Detroit, MI | Grand Rapids, MI | Eastlake, OH | Brookfield, WI | Indianapolis, IN | Pittsburgh, PA | Tampa, FL | Pensacola, FL.