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Web Security Gateway Vendor List

Secure Web Gateways typically consists of a number of features such as malware protection, URL filtering, content filtering, SSL content scanning, web based DLP capabilities. Deployment methods to look for include proxy, in-line and transparent \ bridge deployments as well as port mirroring\span port capabilities, ability to work with and integrate ICAP and WCCP.

An advanced but essential feature is the ability to do real time content scanning and dynamically categorising URL’s on the fly. Today URL databases and anti-malware is just not enough on their own. This is because websites are dynamic and many web 2.0 sites do exist. So it is important to look for security controls beyond the standard URL categories and anti-virus checking, also looking for real-time content scanning and scanning of SSL traffic.

Also to take into consideration is just because a vendor claims they can do this (real-time content scanning), that does not mean they can do this effectively. Some vendors have very basic content scanning and detection capabilities where others can completely strip a web page down and check each part for malicious scripts and so on and be able to categories web pages into multiple categories effectively.







Actiance (formally known as FaceTime Communications) specialise in unified communication (instant messaging server), web security and compliance. Their Unified Secure Gateway appliances are a powerful solution with great visibility to web 2.0 threats.


Barracuda Web Filter Gateway provides an easy to use but powerful solution at an affordable price. Barracuda are a well known security and networking vendor who continue to grow due to having a very good point solution range of products. Barracuda also offer hosted services and a UTM firewall. Barracuda provide both appliance and a hosted service as part of their web security offerings.


Bloxx supply web filtering appliances for medium and large organisations that are capable of live analysis and real-time categorisation of websites.


Bluecoat known primarily for their WAN optimisation solutions have an excellent range of web security gateway products designed for all size networks. Bluecoat has a focus in the enterprise range with high performance products for large organisations and ISP service providers.


Ca Technologies offer a web filter proxy which is a component of their security gateway solution. It is designed with flexibility for both small and large organisations and can be bundled together with their email security filter as a single solution.


Celestix who specialise in security solutions provide a web security gateway known as Celestix Threat Management Gateway.


Cisco who is one of the largest networking vendors in the world have a good range of security solutions as well. Cisco IronPort products which are both Cisco web and email Security Gateway solutions are designed for both small and enterprise market. Cisco also offer a hosted solution in their ScanSafe service.


Clearswift is a security vendor specialising in email and web security. Clearswift email and web can be managed from the same management interface with integrated DLP capabilities.


ContentKeeper Technologies is an Australian based company with a range of SWG products for both small and enterprise market. ContentKeeper also has a hosted security service.


CronLab is a content filtering vendor. CronLab's web filter (internet filter / URL filter) ensures blocking of unwanted or unsafe web sites whilst enabling internal controls. Cronlab's web filter provides over 70 different URL categories.


Cymphonix is a small but growing security company with a range of SWG appliances. Cymphonix has excellent bandwidth management capabilities within their appliances.


DeepNines who are a network security vendor offer web security gateway appliances.


EdgeWave deliver a portfolio of web, email and data protection technologies. EdgeWave web security gateway is known as iPrism Web Security, and is offered in hosted, on-premises, and hybrid services.


FireEye deliver FireEye Malware Protection System for protection against web based attacks.


Fortinet do not have a dedicate SWG solution. However their world class UTM firewall is used by a number of customers as a dedicated web security solution. Fortinet offer all the typical web features and functionality of an SWG in their UTM.


F-Secure known for their malware protection for home and business users provide web and e-mail security for small businesses.


GFI Software deliver GFI WebMonitor that is a web filtering solution for small and medium sized businesses.


M86 Security who were formally known as Marshal (and 3 other companies) have a strong presence in the SWG market as a result of their combined strengths. M86 offer cloud and office based filtering all from the same management interface known as a hybrid service.


Mcafee is a market leader security vendor with a fantastic central management system known as Epolicy Orchestrator and a wide range of products and solutions. This is including their line of web security gateway products. Mcafee has both in house and in the cloud offerings for web security.


Netgear provide their Pro Secure web and email security appliances targeted towards small and medium sized networks.


Optenet which is primarily targeted at large enterprises and services providers has the ability to split off into multiple virtual products from one appliance. This is great for shared businesses and service providers. Optenet has a strong presence in southern Europe.


Panda Security offer their Panda GateDefender Performa for network protection against e-mail and web threats.


Phantom Technologies have a portfolio of iBoss web security solutions that support various deployment scenarios. Phantom Technologies is a vendor dedicated to web security.


SafeNet is a security vendor with a focus on authentication, encryption and content security. Their eSafe Web Security Solution is part of their data protection strategy which combines multiple products to form part of a solution for protecting data.


Sangfor is a company based in China who are known for their Wan Optimisation solutions. Sangfor also offer secure web gateways used for controlling, monitoring and optimising internet access.


Smoothwall provide a web security solution known as Guardian Web Security. Smoothwall specialise in network security.


Symantec being one of the largest software vendors in the world have a wide range of technologies and products in storage and content management, not just security. Symantec’s Secure Web Gateway solution is an appliance based platform. Symantec also provided web security as a hosted service.


Trend Micro has been historically known for their endpoint protection suites. Trend Micro’s Interscan Web Security Suite is designed for both small and large networks and provides flexible platform options such a software, appliance and virtual appliance.


Watchguard are known for their UTM appliances and provide a solution for e-mail security, web security and network DLP in one box.


Websense are the market leaders in web security. Websense also provide solutions in email and data security and has combined these products into a single solution with a management interface known as Triton. Websense provides many options and platforms for their web offerings such as software, appliance, virtual appliance and also hosted security. Customers can manage their mobile users through hosted security and internal staff all from one interface.


WebTitan provides web security solutions for small and medium size bussinesses and education sector.