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Network Access Control (NAC) Vendors


This section covers dedicated NAC solutions. However there are other solutions such as network firewalls and SSL VPN software that also provide some form of NAC capabilities built into their overall products.

NAC solutions typically come with the ability to enforce access through the LAN, wireless LAN and via remote access. They can block network access, quarantine the endpoint system and redirect users to a download portal, or provide full access to the network.

NAC solutions should have the ability to monitor and enforce access to un-managed endpoint clients as well as managed endpoints and provide a security baseline for system endpoints. Managed systems are controlled by a lightweight agent on the endpoint which communicates with the NAC management server.

However, with contractors, partners and temporary workers, who will not have a required agent on their system, most NAC servers are able to detect these systems when they connect to the LAN via another detection mechanism, such as via a plug-in that works with DHCP. When DHCP receives a request from an un-managed system, The NAC management software can detect and block/quarantine the users client, until the system downloads a lightweight Java based temporary agent which will provide the NAC management server with temporary NAC management capabilities, whilst the client system is connected to the network. However a DHCP plug in is not always desirable for a few reasons, including admin staff who do not want additional software on their DHCP servers or where the client is using a static IP address; therefore NAC vendors also provide other ways of detecting un-managed agents such as NAC software built in to network switches.

NAC solutions are also packaged with remediation capabilities such as patch and configuration management, user provisioning, reporting and general management capabilities.




access layers portnox is a network access control solution that verifies a device is a legitimate company owned device and not a rogue one before it is able to access network resources.


Aruba Networks provides enterprise class network and communication solutions. Aruba Networks has powerful NAC functionality integrated into most of its products.


Auconet delivers a NAC solution using MAC (Layer-2) and IEEE 802.1X based Network Access Control.


Avaya NAC solution more focused towards the Microsoft client environment and is able to integrate with Microsoft NAP.


Avenda Systems is a dedicated NAC vendor. Avenda Systems has a NAC solution known as Enterprise Trust and Identity Policy System (eTIPS)


Bradford Networks is a dedicated vendor with a NAC solution known as Network Sentry.


Check Point Software Technologies is a security vendor with various solutions including a dedicated NAC solution.


Cisco is a world class vendor of networking solutions and also offer dedicated NAC capabilities known as Cisco ACS.


DeepNines Technologies offers a NAC solution known as Network Admission Control.


Enterasys Secure Networks provides a number of solutions including IPS and SIEM as well as a dedicated NAC solution. The vendor also provides networking products including switches, routers, and wireless access and management.


Extreme Networks is a connectivity and communications company who offer a NAC solution known as Sentriant.


ForeScout is dedicated NAC vendor with NAC solutions known as CounterACT and CounterACT edge.


FoxT specialises in access control technology. FoxT ServerControl is a NAC solution for servers and FoxT Application Control is for specifying access control policies for enterprise business applications.


Global DataGuard is a UTM and managed security service provider and offer a network access control monitor product.


HP is a large vendor with IT solutions in many areas. HP ProCurve Manager Plus and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager are HP’s NAC offerings.


ImpulsePoint is a dedicated vendor providing NAC solutions for small and large networks.


InfoExpress is a dedicated NAC vendor with a number of NAC solutions. Its flagship product is known as Dynamic NAC and is available as server software for Windows platform, or can be part of their CyberGatekeeper Server appliance.

Insightix is a NAC vendor with the ability to find and report on endpoints through their BSA Visibility solution.


Juniper Networks is a large security and networking vendor with a range of IT security and networking solutions. Juniper’s NAC is known as Juniper Unified Access Control. The solution can also integrate with Microsoft NAP. Juniper also offers a cut down version that is able to enforce and monitor guest users. The Juniper MAG appliances can be used for either or both NAC and SSL VPN.


Mcafee has a wide range of security offerings. Mcafee has a NAC solution that can integrate with their Epolicy Orchestrator central management system. Mcafee NAC known as MNAC uses a feature known as Rogue System Detector for discovering clients connected to the network. MNAC also has the ability to use Mcafee's IPS solution for discovering unmanaged clients and MNAC can also integrate with Microsoft's NAP solution.


Microsoft has its own NAC solution known as Microsoft NAP. New Microsoft clients, such as Windows 7 already has a Microsoft NAP client built in and so it is easy to integrate if you have a Microsoft Windows environment.


Napera Networks is a cloud\hosted based service offering endpoint NAC through its PC Security Informer agent software.


NetClarity is a dedicated NAC vendor. NACwall is targeted at the SMB market.


Nevis Networks is a dedicated NAC vendor. Its NAC solution comes with built in IPS functionality.


Novell offers a NAC solution known as ZENworks Network Access Control.


Sophos is a security vendor with a number of gateway and endpoint solutions. Sophos has two options, Sophos NAC for SMB customers and NAC advanced for enterprise customers.


StillSecure offers a NAC solution through their Safe Access product. They are also a provider of IPS and vulnerability management as well as managed services.


Symantec NAC can be used as a standalone  product or coupled with endpoint protection and managed via Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).


Trustwave provides a range of security solutions such as IPS, encryption and authentication. Trustwave provides a number of NAC options including managed NAC as a hosted service, enterprise NAC for large networks and plug-and-play NAC for smaller networks.


Wallix is a French vendor and a provider of IT security solutions. Wallix delivers a product known as WAB that is a NAC solution.