Endpoint Protection (EPP) includes some or all of the features such as anti-malware protection, firewall, host based intrusion prevention system, content control, device control, web filtering, spam filtering, disk encryption, application control, DLP. At least some of these products should integrate with one another and have central management capabilities.

For dedicated anti-virus protection see anti-virus section that includes anti-malware security for both home and business users.

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Endpoint Protection Solutions





Bit9 is a dedicated endpoint security vendor and provides an endpoint protection solution. Bit9 has a focus on application whitelisting good applications as oppose to finding and blocking of malware. The concept here is that if you whitelist only good applications and block everything else; you are then protected from malicious threats. This is more of an application control technology, rather than an ant-virus solution.


Check Point Software Technologies is a reputable vendor in the network firewall space and also specialises in other areas such as providing an endpoint protection solution.


Cyberoam known for its UTM appliances offers an endpoint protection suite.


eEye Digital Security known for its vulnerability scanner technology has an endpoint solution known as Blink Professional Endpoint Protection.


Eset is an endpoint anti-malware vendor and provides a business class endpoint protection solution.


Faronics delivers a centralised console with various applications that integrates into it to provide endpoint protection. Some of the applications include, Trusted Threat Protection for anti-virus, Absolute System Integrity for protection from system configuration damage and a number of other applications.


F-Secure is a specialist in anti-malware software and offers a business class EPP solution.


GFI Software is an IT solutions vendor with a range of products. GFI offers an EPP solution known as GFI EndPoint Security.


Globalscape delivers appShield which is an application whitelisting software to prevent anything else running on the endpoint system. This is a solution that works along side anti-virus software as another layer of defence for stopping malware.


IBM provides a range of products, solutions and services. IBM has a security division and offers an EPP solution in Proventia Desktop Endpoint Security.


Kaspersky Labs is a security vendor and well known for their anti-malware products in the consumer market. Kaspersky provides various EPP offerings for businesses.


LanDesk is a vendor specialising in desktop and server management and provides an EPP solution known as LanDesk Security Suite.


Lumension Security is a security vendor with a portfolio that includes EPP, vulnerability management, data protection, reporting and compliance solutions. It has an EPP offering known as Endpoint Management and Security Suite.


Mcafee provides a solid EPP solution and its products integrate into its Epolicy Orchestrator central management system. Mcafee has a wide range of security products to complement its EPP solution.


Microsoft provides an EPP solution through its ForeFront Endpoint Protection product.


MXI Security is a provider of encrypted USB hard drives.


Netop Pro by Netop is an endpoint protection product that comes with disk protection utility, device control, web filter, application control and remote control. It is more suitable for small businesses, schools and home use.


Novell offers an endpoint security management product known as ZENworks Endpoint Security Management.


Panda Security is a security vendor with a range of security solutions and services. Panda offers an EPP product as well as cloud based services.


Safend offers EPP in its data protection suite.


SafenSoft delivers endpoint protection solutions. SafenSoft Enterprise Suite is an application control product ensuring only authorised applications are running on the system.


SkyRecon Systems provides EPP through its StormShield Security Suite solution.


Sophos provides gateway and endpoint protection and provides an EPP solution through its Endpoint Security and Data Protection Suite.


Symantec specialises in security and storage solutions. Symantec has an EPP product that can also integrate with its NAC solution and managed through its SEPM management console.


Total Defense is a dedicated EPP vendor and used to be a division of CA Technologies.


Trend Micro provides various security solutions and services and has an EPP solution for SMB and enterprise networks.


Webroot and provides cloud based security services and provides an EPP solution.