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Risk and Compliance GRCM Product Vendor List




Acuity Risk Management is an enterprise GRC vendor.


Active Agenda is a risk management solution which covers three major areas, Controls and Administration, Identification and Measurement, and Finance.


Agiliance deliver a reputable product known as RiskVision OpenGRC which provides bottom up and top down frameworks for managing risks.


Arat Risk Assessment Tool is a web based software solution designed for risk assessments.


BWise provide GRC solutions for managing risks and ensuring compliance.


Celestix provide a patch management solution ensuring software is kept up to date and secure.


Citicus provide Citicus ONE risk and compliance management software which has built in tools for managing risks.


Compliance 360 is a software as a service offering, that addresses your GRC requirements.


ControlCase Managed Compliance provide a range of solutions for IT-GRCM.


easy2comply is a GRC software solution that offers internal control and auditing, risk management and more.


GoldSim is a simulation software that provides decision and risk analysis by simulating future performance and comparing designs, plans and policies in order to minimise risks.


IBM OpenPages offer governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions.


Information Security Management deliver a solution known as ISM Risk Assessment Software which enables organisations to produce an information security risk assessment.


Lumension provide a number of products towards risk and compliance. Their Risk Manager product is a risk management software that enables you to identify, measure, control, reduce risks and demonstrate compliance. Lumension have a configuration management product for policy assessment.


Mcafee have a wide range of point products for managing risk and compliance such as application control, change control, configuration control, policy auditor, file integrity, database monitoring, risk advisor and vulnerability management products.


Metacompliance Ltd is a developer of software for businesses that require assistance with risk and compliance. There are a few solutions that Metacompliance deliver which help with developing IT security policies and so on.


MetricStream offer risk management, quality management, regulatory compliance, and IT GRC solutions.


Modulo Solutions For GRC deliver Modulo Risk Manager which can help you comply with regulations and standards.


Neupart provide a compliance and risk management solution for Government Agencies.


NICE Actimize is a fraud prevention and anti money laundering solutions provider.


NSFOCUS Information Technology is a network and application security vendor. NSFOCUS deliver Remote Security Assessment System which will help with assessing risks.


Numara Software Compliance Manager enables policy assessment and allows you to demonstrate compliance in this area.


PillarOne is an open source software product used for managing risks and more.


Practical Threat Analysis tool is used in assessing the operational and security risks in systems and building appropriate risk mitigation policies.


Q1 Labs provide a risk management solution known as QRadar Risk Manager that enables the ability to manage compliance, manage vulnerabilities and monitoring security events and activities.


RedSeal Network Advisor will tell you about your firewalls, proxies, routers, load balancers and other devices configuration rules set and will let you know what access has been given through these devices. RedSeal Systems is a developer of security assurance solutions.


RA2 is an ISO27001 risk assessment software which is designed to help you implement an information security management system.


Risk Assessment Accelerator provides risk assessments in different languages for various standards and regulations.


RSA specialise in risk and compliance solutions. In particular their Archer eGRC suite is a product with multiple capabilities such as managing business risks, policies, incidents, threats, business continuity and more.


Rsam Enterprise GRC Platform is a risk assessment management solution.


Shavlik have patch and configuration management, asset discovery and inventory, anti-virus, virtual machine management and power management functionality in one suite. Shavlik also provide some of these solutions separately.


Smart Risk Assessment can help you meet risk assessment criteria for OCTAVE, ISO 27005 and NIST SP 800-30 and help you comply with standards and regulations. Personal edition is free for use.


Symantec offer risk and compliance management in their Control Compliance Suite and information foundation products.


Telos deliver a solution known as Xacta® IA Manager that provides GRC standards and policies.


Tripwire have a few solutions supporting risk and compliance such as file integrity monitoring, change auditing and compliance policy management.


Trustwave who is a security vendor with a range of product solutions offer Compliance Security Assessment which is a GRC solution.


Varonis Data Governance Suite is used for managing and protecting data.


Vigilant Software is a risk assessment tool designed to help implement ISO27001.


WCK provides a solution for GRC and security assessment.


ZL Technologies provide a compliance management solution.