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Database Security Vendors and Products


Database security typically provides the ability to discover databases, classify sensitive information, the ability to constantly check software & configuration for vulnerabilities, checking of software patches, checking the levels of access control permitted to parts of the database, monitoring and auditing configuration changes, providing encryption of sensitive data, showing information on database activity, alerting on any policy violations, the ability to display various database related reports, amongst other functionality.




Application Security, Inc has a product known as DbProtect which is a database security solution with vulnerability
assessment and database activity monitoring capabilities.


Fortinet's FortiDB provides a number of database security controls in their FortiDB solution.


IBM InfoSphere Guardium is a database monitoring product.


Idera provides security and management tools for SQL servers. Idera also provides other IT tools.


Imperva has a range of products for securing databases including a database firewall, activity monitoring, discovery and assessment and user right management.


Mcafee offer a database activity monitoring solution and also a Vulnerability Manager and Integrity Monitor for databases.


Oracle is a provider of software and hardware systems and one of the largest vendors in the world. Oracle has a database firewall solution.


SafeNet provides solutions that protect information assets. SafeNet delivers data protection with their ProtectDB product.


Sentrigo has been acquired by Mcafee and provides a database activity monitoring and scanning solutions. Sentrigo Hedgehog scanning product can integrate with Mcafee EPO central management console.