IT Security Companies within the UK




Company: Adept4

Security Services: End to end services and solutions including device encryption, anti-virus service, compliance services, hosted 2 factor authentication, PCI compliance, firewall management, free Security audit.

Other: Messaging, collaboration & communications, cloud & hosted services, server virtualisation & infrastructure refresh, data management archiving, storage and recovery, security audit & compliance, architecture design & deployment, network design, deployment & management.

Locations: Warrington.

Company: Axial Systems Ltd

Security Services: Network healthcheck, sniffer installation, Mcafee solutions and services and others.

Other: Network management and analysis.

Locations: Maidenhead | Runcorn.

Company: AVR IT Security

Security Services: Supplier and specialist company of end to end IT security solutions and services.


Locations: Maidenhead.

Company: Armadillo

Security Services: Various security services and solutions.


Locations: Heathrow, Middlesex | New York, NY.

Company: ARTHUR McKay

Security Services: Some managed security services including managed firewall and VPN.


Locations: Edinburgh.

Company: Astro Communications Ltd

Security Services: Secure wireless networks, secure remote access, network security, logging and auditing.

Other: Unified communications, network design, video conferencing, WAN optimisation, infrastructure, video networking.

Locations: Swanley, Kent.


Security Services: ISO 27000, DLP, PCI DSS, managed security services and more.


Locations: Castle Rock, CO | Camberley, UK | Sydney, Australia

Company: Blue Chip

Security Services: Authentication, authorisation, auditing, encryption, PCI DSS, GCSx CoCo compliance, IPS/IDS, host IPS, anti-X services, end point protection, multi layer protection, penetration testing.

Other: Technology services, solutions, training and outsourcing. Managed services, IT support services , technical and professional skills training, IT infrastructure review, infrastructure solutions, Microsoft solutions, virtualisation , unified communications, application delivery, business solutions.

Locations: Poole, Bedford | Southampton | Leeds.

Company: Blue Cube

Security Services: A specialist IT security company providing anti virus, application security, audit tools, authentication content filtering, data layer security, data leakage protection, database security, email archiving, encryption, end point Security, firewall/VPN, incident management, intrusion prevention, log Management, network access control, network and system Management, patch management, policy Management, spam.


Locations: East Sussex.

Company: Brightfilter

Security Services: A company focussed on web security within the education sector.


Locations: Bath.

Company: Business & Scientific Services Ltd

Security Services: Network security.

Other: Printers & multifunctions, PCs & notebooks, networking products, servers and storage solutions, Microsoft volume licensing, IronKey, SBS installations, wireless networking, sharepoint technologies, web design.

Locations: Belfast.

Company: Calyx

Security Services: Email and web security management, encryption solutions, managed firewall, SSL VPN services, strong authentication services, SIEM.


Locations: London | Manchester | Hyde.

Company: Cerberus Networks

Security Services: Network and endpoint protection, implementing security policies.

Other: Connectivity, hosting, domains, service programs, networks, virtualisation, backups.

Locations: Greenford, Middlesex.

Company: Certification Europe

Security Services: Certification Europe assists companies in gaining recognised industry standard certifications including;

EN 16001 - Energy Management Certification
OHSAS 18001 - Occupational, Health and Safety Management
ISO 20000 - IT Service Management
ISO 9001 - Quality Management Certification
ISO 27001 - Information Security
ISO 9001 - TickIT Certification
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Certification
BS 8901 - Sustainable Event Management
BS 25999 - Business Continuity
National Compost Quality Assurance Scheme


Locations: Dublin | Belfast.

Company: Commissum

Security Services: Managed security services, security penetration testing services, consultancy, security technology solutions, ISO 27001.


Locations: Edinburgh | London

Company: Computacenter

Security Services: Managed security (MSSP), consultancy, security solutions and more.

Other: Managed services, Infrastructure, consulting and system integration and more.

Locations: Hatfield (head office) | Belfast | Birmingham | Cardiff | Edinburgh | London | Manchester | Milton Keyenes | Nottingham | Reading | other offices around Europe.

Company: Computer Network Defence

Security Services: Information management, auditing, consultancy, pen testing, incident response analyst, compliance testing, firewall design, security threat analysis, business continuity, IT forensics, reverse malware engineering and more.


Locations: Wiltshire, London | Bath

Company: Continuity Shop

Security Services: Continuity Shop is a business continuity specialist company and offer business continuity training, consultancy and software.


Locations: Manchester.

Company: Data Integration

Security Services: A networking, security and communication technology provider offering security and compliance services and more.

Other: Application delivery, unified communications, mobility, high availability, business solutions.

Locations: Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Company: Dataplex Systems

Security Services: Security compliance and governance.

Other: Converged infrastructure, collaboration and data centre technologies.

Locations: Haydock | Oxford.

Company: Detica

Security Services: Cyber security, risk and compliance.

Other: IT and system integration and more.

Locations: Guildford, Surrey | Gloucester | London | Manchester.

Company: Dimension Data

Security Services: Governance risk and compliance, threat management, DLP, vulnerability assessment, secure IP telephony, managed secure infrastructure services, PCI and firewall assessments.

Other: Data centre, Microsoft, converged solutions, networking, service provider solutions.

Locations: Hampshire.

Company: Easynet Global Services

Security Services: Managed security services.

Other: Managed hosting, networking, video conferencing, WAN.

Locations: London, Manchester.

Company: Eison

Security Services: Security consultancy and policy design, vulnerability assessment, UTM and IPS.

Other: WAN, LAN, wireless, professional services.

Locations: Stockport, Cheshire.

Company: Fishnet Security

Security Services: A value add reseller with a large portfolio of security products and solutions, managed security services and consultancy, ISO 27002, PCI, HIPPA services.


Locations: Kansas City, MO (head office) | Alpharetta, GA | Westford, MA | Dublin, OH | Troy, MI | Ft. Wayne, IN | Indianapolis, IN | New York, NY | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | Herndon, VA | West Palm Beach, FL | Downers Grove, IL | Kansas City, MO | Addison, TX | Denver, CO | Houston, TX | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | St. Paul, MN | Newport Beach, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Livermore, CA | Seattle, WA | Essex, UK


Security Services: A company specialising in risk management and data security while improving performance.

Other: IT infrastructure and others.

Locations: Skokie Illnois | Calgary, Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta | Mississauga, Ontario | Vancouver, British Columbia | Winnipeg, Manitoba | London, UK.

Company: GSS

Security Services: IT security specialist company, network and endpoint security, penetration testing, other security testing, consultancy and more.

Other: Microsoft services and solutions.

Locations: Bracknell | Worthing.

Company: Guardian Internet Support Services (GISS)

Security Services: A security specialist company providing product solutions and professional services to end users and resellers requiring anti-virus, IDS\IPS, anti-spam, web-filtering firewall and VPN products, real-time firewall monitoring, and Firewall support service level agreements (SLAs).


Locations: Bedfordshire

Company: Integralis

Security Services: Managed services, complete security portfolio, consulting, support, risk and compliance services and more.


Locations: East Hartford, CT | New York, NY | Aliso Viejo, CA | Reading, UK | Manchester, UK | London, UK | Edinburgh, UK | Other offices outside UK and US.

Company: itlab

Security Services: Managed security and disaster recovery services including endpoint and network security, auditing, pen testing, ISO compliance, backup and more.

Other: Managed support, connectivity, networks and hosting services.

Locations: London, Birmingham

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: ITB

Security Services: ITB partner with leading security and infrastructure vendors and provide end to end services around their solutions.

Other: Software licensing, storage, infrastructure and networking.

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: I.T. Security Experts

Security Services: Security audits, Pen testing, IT Security training, end to end security solutions for endpoint, network and risk and compliance requirements.

Other: Hampshire

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: Khipu Networks

Security Services: System integrators providing a wide range of security solutions and services including managed security services and providing guidelines on standards such as BS7799/ISO27001.


Locations: Fleet, Hampshire | Milton Keynes | Dublin.

Company: LAN2LAN

Security Services: Penetration testing, ethical hacking, compliance, ISO 27001 and other services.

Other: Infrastructure, collaboration, mobility, professional services.

Locations: Woking, Surrey.

Company: LAN3

Security Services: Security assessments, network health check, intrusion prevention, firewall and filtering solutions.

Other: Support services, voice, wireless, installations, project management, training, data cabling.

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: Lato Networks

Security Services: Network security.

Other: Managed services, networking, storage, WAN, virtualisation.

Locations: Surrey.


Security Services: A company with a wide range of solutions and services with a focus in three main areas which are communications and collaboration, data centre and professional and managed services. Security solutions and services form a part of their overall IT offerings.

Other: Many.

Locations: Slough, UK (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA | Shelton, CT | Alpharetta, GA | Lisle, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Waltham, MA | FarmingtonĀ Hills, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Chesterfield, MO | Bridgewater, NJ | New York, NY | Charlotte, NC | Cincinnati, OH | Dublin, OH | Houston, TX | Plano, TX | San Antonio TX | Bellevue, WA | De Pere, WI | Brookfield, WI.


Security Services: Various security services as part of their infrastructure offerings.

Other: Managed services, data centre services, desktop support, management and training solutions.

Locations: Cranford, NJ | Wallington, NJ | Orange, CA | Sunbury-on-Reading, UK.

Company: metadigm

Security Services: Wide range of security solutions.

Other: DNS, installation, upgrades, support, solution design, training.

Locations: Herts.

Company: metropolitan Networks

Security Services: Portfolio of IT security solutions.

Other: Infrastructure, remote access, wireless, traffic management, IP telephony, software.

Locations: Orpington, Kent.

Company: Modcomp Systems and Solutions

Security Services: Security solutions and services.

Other: Other IT solutions

Locations: Deerfield Beech, FL | Berkshire, UK

Company: Nouveau Solutions

Security Services: Network security solutions.

Other: Infrastructure solutions including networking, wireless, hardware, virtualisation, telephony, data cabling. Business solutions, hosting solutions and support services.

Locations: Woodley, Reading.

Company: Pav IT Services

Security Services: Security solutions and services.

Other: Microsoft, VMware, wireless, Citrix, backup, managed services.

Locations: West Sussex.

Company: Pervasive Networks

Security Services: Secure IP networks, secure wireless network access, secure remote access.

Other: Infrastructure, data centre, IP communications.

Locations: Newbury, Berkshire.

Company Services: Powergroup

Security: Firewall and e-mail security.

Other: Connectivity, hosting, bespoke, email and VOIP.

Locations: Buckinghamshire | Milton Keyenes.

Company Services: RMS IT Security Limited

Security: RMS formally known as Redstone is a security specialist company providing endpoint security, network security, data protection, content security and risk and compliance.


Locations: Stoke On Trent.

Company Services: Satisnet

Security: Satisnet is an Information Security Systems Integrator company providing a wide range of security solutions.

Other: Virtualisation.

Locations: Luton, Bedfordshire.

Company: SAVVIS

Security Services: A reputable company with an excellent cloud offering. Various security solutions and services covering threat management, cloud security, log management, firewalls, IPS and more.

Other: Cloud, hosting colocation, network, professional services.

Locations: Town & Country, MO | Atlanta, GA | Waltham, MA | Chicago, IL | Ft. Worth, TX | Greenwood Village, CO | Herndon, VA | Irvine, CA | El Segundo, CA | Weehawken, NJĀ | Santa Clara, CA | Tukwila, WA | Town & Country, MO | Mississauga, ON | Vancouver, BC | Montreal, QC | Quebec City, QC | Wokingham, UK | London, UK.

Company Services: Secon

Security: A managed service provider and systems integrator with a focus in network infrastructure, mobility management and security, application delivery, remote access, firewall/VPN, web/email Security and endpoint security.

Locations: Surrey.

Company: Softcat

Security Services: Security presales, installation, security testing, endpoint and network security, patch management, DLP.

Other: Software licensing, performance and availability.

Locations: Marlow, Bucks | Manchester | London.

Company: Stefanini Tech Team

Security Services: ITIL consulting, CA implementation and more.

Other: Other various IT services and solutions.

Locations: Southfield, MI | Davenport, IA | Middlesex, UK.

Company: Synetrix

Security Services: Managed security solutions.

Other: Managed infrastructure, ICT services, ISP services.

Locations: Keele, Staffordshire | Farnborough, Hampshire | Priorslee Telford.

Company: Sysec

Security Services: Managed security services, security technology solutions.


Locations: Theale, Birkshire.

Company: 365iT

Security Services: Business continuity, data backup, range of IT security vendor solutions and services around them.

Other: IT service management, networks, storage, virtualisation, unified communications, infrastructure.

Locations:Basingstoke Hampshire.