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Company: Accumuli Security

Security Services: Accumuli Security was previously tuscany networks, Boxing Orange and Fujin Technology which have now merged to provide a more complete service and solutions offering. Services include managed security services and professional services. Products include Firewalls, SIEM, application security, DDOS, IPS, VPN's, content filtering, identity services, business continuity, bandwidth management and more.

Other: Connectivity and networking

Locations: Leeds | Basingstoke

Company: Adept4

Security Services: End to end services and solutions including device encryption, anti-virus service, compliance services, hosted 2 factor authentication, PCI compliance, firewall management, free Security audit.

Other: Messaging, collaboration & communications, cloud & hosted services, server virtualisation & infrastructure refresh, data management archiving, storage and recovery, security audit & compliance, architecture design & deployment, network design, deployment & management.

Locations: Warrington.

Company: Axial Systems Ltd

Security Services: Network healthcheck, sniffer installation, Mcafee solutions and services and others.

Other: Network management and analysis.

Locations: Maidenhead | Runcorn.

Company: AVR IT Security

Security Services: Supplier and specialist company of end to end IT security solutions and services.


Locations: Maidenhead.

Company: Armadillo

Security Services: Various security services and solutions.


Locations: Heathrow, Middlesex | New York, NY.

Company: ARTHUR McKay

Security Services: Some managed security services including managed firewall and VPN.


Locations: Edinburgh.

Company: Astro Communications Ltd

Security Services: Secure wireless networks, secure remote access, network security, logging and auditing.

Other: Unified communications, network design, video conferencing, WAN optimisation, infrastructure, video networking.

Locations: Swanley, Kent.


Security Services: ISO 27000, DLP, PCI DSS, managed security services and more.


Locations: Castle Rock, CO | Camberley, UK | Sydney, Australia

Company: Blue Chip

Security Services: Authentication, authorisation, auditing, encryption, PCI DSS, GCSx CoCo compliance, IPS/IDS, host IPS, anti-X services, end point protection, multi layer protection, penetration testing.

Other: Technology services, solutions, training and outsourcing. Managed services, IT support services , technical and professional skills training, IT infrastructure review, infrastructure solutions, Microsoft solutions, virtualisation , unified communications, application delivery, business solutions.

Locations: Poole, Bedford | Southampton | Leeds.

Company: Blue Cube

Security Services: A specialist IT security company providing anti virus, application security, audit tools, authentication content filtering, data layer security, data leakage protection, database security, email archiving, encryption, end point Security, firewall/VPN, incident management, intrusion prevention, log Management, network access control, network and system Management, patch management, policy Management, spam.


Locations: East Sussex.

Company: Brightfilter

Security Services: A company focussed on web security within the education sector.


Locations: Bath.

Company: Business & Scientific Services Ltd

Security Services: Network security.

Other: Printers & multifunctions, PCs & notebooks, networking products, servers and storage solutions, Microsoft volume licensing, IronKey, SBS installations, wireless networking, sharepoint technologies, web design.

Locations: Belfast.

Company: Calyx

Security Services: Email and web security management, encryption solutions, managed firewall, SSL VPN services, strong authentication services, SIEM.


Locations: London | Manchester | Hyde.

Company: Cerberus Networks

Security Services: Network and endpoint protection, implementing security policies.

Other: Connectivity, hosting, domains, service programs, networks, virtualisation, backups.

Locations: Greenford, Middlesex.

Company: Certification Europe

Security Services: Certification Europe assists companies in gaining recognised industry standard certifications including;

EN 16001 - Energy Management Certification
OHSAS 18001 - Occupational, Health and Safety Management
ISO 20000 - IT Service Management
ISO 9001 - Quality Management Certification
ISO 27001 - Information Security
ISO 9001 - TickIT Certification
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Certification
BS 8901 - Sustainable Event Management
BS 25999 - Business Continuity
National Compost Quality Assurance Scheme


Locations: Dublin | Belfast.

Company: Commissum

Security Services: Managed security services, security penetration testing services, consultancy, security technology solutions, ISO 27001.


Locations: Edinburgh | London

Company: Computacenter

Security Services: Managed security (MSSP), consultancy, security solutions and more.

Other: Managed services, Infrastructure, consulting and system integration and more.

Locations: Hatfield (head office) | Belfast | Birmingham | Cardiff | Edinburgh | London | Manchester | Milton Keyenes | Nottingham | Reading | other offices around Europe.

Company: Computer Network Defence

Security Services: Information management, auditing, consultancy, pen testing, incident response analyst, compliance testing, firewall design, security threat analysis, business continuity, IT forensics, reverse malware engineering and more.


Locations: Wiltshire, London | Bath

Company: Continuity Shop

Security Services: Continuity Shop is a business continuity specialist company and offer business continuity training, consultancy and software.


Locations: Manchester.

Company: Data Integration

Security Services: A networking, security and communication technology provider offering security and compliance services and more.

Other: Application delivery, unified communications, mobility, high availability, business solutions.

Locations: Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Company: Dataplex Systems

Security Services: Security compliance and governance.

Other: Converged infrastructure, collaboration and data centre technologies.

Locations: Haydock | Oxford.

Company: Detica

Security Services: Cyber security, risk and compliance.

Other: IT and system integration and more.

Locations: Guildford, Surrey | Gloucester | London | Manchester.

Company: Dimension Data

Security Services: Governance risk and compliance, threat management, DLP, vulnerability assessment, secure IP telephony, managed secure infrastructure services, PCI and firewall assessments.

Other: Data centre, Microsoft, converged solutions, networking, service provider solutions.

Locations: Hampshire.

Company: Easynet Global Services

Security Services: Managed security services.

Other: Managed hosting, networking, video conferencing, WAN.

Locations: London, Manchester.

Company: Eison

Security Services: Security consultancy and policy design, vulnerability assessment, UTM and IPS.

Other: WAN, LAN, wireless, professional services.

Locations: Stockport, Cheshire.

Company: Fishnet Security

Security Services: A value add reseller with a large portfolio of security products and solutions, managed security services and consultancy, ISO 27002, PCI, HIPPA services.


Locations: Kansas City, MO (head office) | Alpharetta, GA | Westford, MA | Dublin, OH | Troy, MI | Ft. Wayne, IN | Indianapolis, IN | New York, NY | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | Herndon, VA | West Palm Beach, FL | Downers Grove, IL | Kansas City, MO | Addison, TX | Denver, CO | Houston, TX | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | St. Paul, MN | Newport Beach, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Livermore, CA | Seattle, WA | Essex, UK


Security Services: A company specialising in risk management and data security while improving performance.

Other: IT infrastructure and others.

Locations: Skokie Illnois | Calgary, Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta | Mississauga, Ontario | Vancouver, British Columbia | Winnipeg, Manitoba | London, UK.

Company: GSS

Security Services: IT security specialist company, network and endpoint security, penetration testing, other security testing, consultancy and more.

Other: Microsoft services and solutions.

Locations: Bracknell | Worthing.

Company: Guardian Internet Support Services (GISS)

Security Services: A security specialist company providing product solutions and professional services to end users and resellers requiring anti-virus, IDS\IPS, anti-spam, web-filtering firewall and VPN products, real-time firewall monitoring, and Firewall support service level agreements (SLAs).


Locations: Bedfordshire

Company: Integralis

Security Services: Managed services, complete security portfolio, consulting, support, risk and compliance services and more.


Locations: East Hartford, CT | New York, NY | Aliso Viejo, CA | Reading, UK | Manchester, UK | London, UK | Edinburgh, UK | Other offices outside UK and US.

Company: itlab

Security Services: Managed security and disaster recovery services including endpoint and network security, auditing, pen testing, ISO compliance, backup and more.

Other: Managed support, connectivity, networks and hosting services.

Locations: London, Birmingham

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: ITB

Security Services: ITB partner with leading security and infrastructure vendors and provide end to end services around their solutions.

Other: Software licensing, storage, infrastructure and networking.

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: I.T. Security Experts

Security Services: Security audits, Pen testing, IT Security training, end to end security solutions for endpoint, network and risk and compliance requirements.

Other: Hampshire

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: Khipu Networks

Security Services: System integrators providing a wide range of security solutions and services including managed security services and providing guidelines on standards such as BS7799/ISO27001.


Locations: Fleet, Hampshire | Milton Keynes | Dublin.

Company: LAN2LAN

Security Services: Penetration testing, ethical hacking, compliance, ISO 27001 and other services.

Other: Infrastructure, collaboration, mobility, professional services.

Locations: Woking, Surrey.

Company: LAN3

Security Services: Security assessments, network health check, intrusion prevention, firewall and filtering solutions.

Other: Support services, voice, wireless, installations, project management, training, data cabling.

Locations: Oxfordshire.

Company: Lato Networks

Security Services: Network security.

Other: Managed services, networking, storage, WAN, virtualisation.

Locations: Surrey.


Security Services: A company with a wide range of solutions and services with a focus in three main areas which are communications and collaboration, data centre and professional and managed services. Security solutions and services form a part of their overall IT offerings.

Other: Many.

Locations: Slough, UK (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA | Shelton, CT | Alpharetta, GA | Lisle, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Waltham, MA | FarmingtonĀ Hills, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Chesterfield, MO | Bridgewater, NJ | New York, NY | Charlotte, NC | Cincinnati, OH | Dublin, OH | Houston, TX | Plano, TX | San Antonio TX | Bellevue, WA | De Pere, WI | Brookfield, WI.


Security Services: Various security services as part of their infrastructure offerings.

Other: Managed services, data centre services, desktop support, management and training solutions.

Locations: Cranford, NJ | Wallington, NJ | Orange, CA | Sunbury-on-Reading, UK.

Company: metadigm

Security Services: Wide range of security solutions.

Other: DNS, installation, upgrades, support, solution design, training.

Locations: Herts.

Company: metropolitan Networks

Security Services: Portfolio of IT security solutions.

Other: Infrastructure, remote access, wireless, traffic management, IP telephony, software.

Locations: Orpington, Kent.

Company: Modcomp Systems and Solutions

Security Services: Security solutions and services.

Other: Other IT solutions

Locations: Deerfield Beech, FL | Berkshire, UK

Company: NTS Solutions

Security Services: Security services and solutions company. NTS is also a Managed Security Service Provider.


Locations: London | Bradford

Company: Nouveau Solutions

Security Services: Network security solutions.

Other: Infrastructure solutions including networking, wireless, hardware, virtualisation, telephony, data cabling. Business solutions, hosting solutions and support services.

Locations: Woodley, Reading.

Company: Pav IT Services

Security Services: Security solutions and services.

Other: Microsoft, VMware, wireless, Citrix, backup, managed services.

Locations: West Sussex.

Company: Pervasive Networks

Security Services: Secure IP networks, secure wireless network access, secure remote access.

Other: Infrastructure, data centre, IP communications.

Locations: Newbury, Berkshire.

Company Services: Powergroup

Security: Firewall and e-mail security.

Other: Connectivity, hosting, bespoke, email and VOIP.

Locations: Buckinghamshire | Milton Keyenes.

Company Services: RMS IT Security Limited

Security: RMS formally known as Redstone is a security specialist company providing endpoint security, network security, data protection, content security and risk and compliance.


Locations: Stoke On Trent.

Company Services: Satisnet

Security: Satisnet is an Information Security Systems Integrator company providing a wide range of security solutions.

Other: Virtualisation.

Locations: Luton, Bedfordshire.

Company: SAVVIS

Security Services: A reputable company with an excellent cloud offering. Various security solutions and services covering threat management, cloud security, log management, firewalls, IPS and more.

Other: Cloud, hosting colocation, network, professional services.

Locations: Town & Country, MO | Atlanta, GA | Waltham, MA | Chicago, IL | Ft. Worth, TX | Greenwood Village, CO | Herndon, VA | Irvine, CA | El Segundo, CA | Weehawken, NJĀ | Santa Clara, CA | Tukwila, WA | Town & Country, MO | Mississauga, ON | Vancouver, BC | Montreal, QC | Quebec City, QC | Wokingham, UK | London, UK.

Company Services: Secon

Security: A managed service provider and systems integrator with a focus in network infrastructure, mobility management and security, application delivery, remote access, firewall/VPN, web/email Security and endpoint security.

Locations: Surrey.

Company: Softcat

Security Services: Security presales, installation, security testing, endpoint and network security, patch management, DLP.

Other: Software licensing, performance and availability.

Locations: Marlow, Bucks | Manchester | London.

Company: Stefanini Tech Team

Security Services: ITIL consulting, CA implementation and more.

Other: Other various IT services and solutions.

Locations: Southfield, MI | Davenport, IA | Middlesex, UK.

Company: Synetrix

Security Services: Managed security solutions.

Other: Managed infrastructure, ICT services, ISP services.

Locations: Keele, Staffordshire | Farnborough, Hampshire | Priorslee Telford.

Company: Sysec

Security Services: Managed security services, security technology solutions.


Locations: Theale, Birkshire.

Company: 365iT

Security Services: Business continuity, data backup, range of IT security vendor solutions and services around them.

Other: IT service management, networks, storage, virtualisation, unified communications, infrastructure.

Locations:Basingstoke Hampshire.