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Remote PC Support and Webinar Hosting Software




Access Remote PC is used for remote access to PC's and servers.


Cisco Webex is a remote meeting solution software and for hosting webinars. Webex also has a version of its solution used for remote PC support.


DameWare Development provides the ability to remotely control PC's and servers.


Data Apples Corporation offers two products. One of the products is for remote PC support when there is someone at the other end of the PC requiring support, and this is known as Beyond Remote Support. The other product, which is known as Beyond Remote Control is for when you require control of a remote PC without the need for anyone at the remote end to enable the connection, such as when you are remotely managing a server or your own PC at home.


GoToAssist can be used for remote access and support. GoToAssist Express is for an individual who can control up to 8 PC's at once, and GoToAssist Corporate can be used for a team of people.


PJ Technologies offers a product known as Goverlan Remote Control for remote administration.


GoToMyPC delivers remote access for MAC, PC and iPAD users.


Laplink Software specialises in a few different PC utilities including remote access and permanently erasure of PC data. Both Laplink Gold and Laplink Everywhere is used for remote connectivity.


LogMeIn is a powerful remote access utility. LogMeIn also offers a free version of their software.


Netop delivers remote control as well as other solutions.


PcHelpware is a free remote assistant tool.


Radmin delivers a remote access software solution.


realvnc is a provider of remote control software that comes in various editions.


ShowMyPC is used for remote support and online meetings.


Symantec is a leading provider of IT security and storage and offers pcAnywhere which is its remote access solution for PC's.


TeamViewer is a popular remote access vendor which is free for none commercial use.