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Two Factor Authentication Solutions


Two factor solutions typically have multiple deployment capabilities such as using hardware tokens, software tokens or even tokenless authentication by utilising SMS mobile phone technology. Some vendors provide solutions on one or the other as well.

Vendors do provide their own agents and or radius functionality so that whatever a user may be logging into is compatible for two factor using built in Radius or a customised vendor built agent. Ensure your software is compatible with the vendor. For example ensure the authentication vendor supports your firewall for VPN access, Citrix, Microsoft workstations, Unix servers, web applications or whatever you may be using strong authentication for.




Active Identity who specialise in identity solutions provide strong authentication products that offer various authentication methods.


Authenex delivers two factor authentication, secure mobility and secure mobile storage solutions.


Authentify provides organisations with a layer of security for any online process. The Authentify service provides automated out of band authentication (OOBA) that enables organizations to perform real-time, multi-factor user authentication during an Internet session.


Celestix HOTpin integrates with Microsoft IAG to provide tokenless two factor authentication.


CryptoCard offer a two factor service in the cloud known as Crypto-MAS and also have an on-site solution known as BlackShieldID.

Deepnet is a dedicated two factor authentication vendor with a number of two factor options.


DynaPass Inc offer two-factor authentication solutions which utilise a one-time password transmitted through a mobile network.


Feitian Technologies delivers authentication products and have a focus in developing smart card authentication solutions. Feitian delivers one time password through hardware tokens.


FireID is a provider of mobile two factor authentication. FireID can use hardware tokens, software tokens or one time password authentication using SMS technology.


Gemalto is a digital security company and provide one time password tokens for mobile users.


ID Control delivers strong authentication and encryption solutions in their range of product offerings including ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID, RiskID, MailID and KeystrokeID.


Kobil specialise in two factor and smart card authentication solutions.


Login People provide a secure way to remotely access the network. This is achieved by a user logging in with a piece of their own equipment and the solution knows the DNA of their equipment, and so granting them access.


PORTSYS UK provide a product known as PointSharp ID that is able to offer two factor authentication in various ways for the Microsoft environment.


RSA is a security vendor with a number of security solutions and a leader in the two factor authentication market. RSA's two factor authentication product is known as SecureID.


SafeNet provide various security solutions and include a two factor authentication solution. Their multi factor authentication can be achieved via a few option including hardware tokens, software applications and using certificate based authenticators.


Secure Envoy is a small and growing UK based vendor who have a lightweight and scalable tokenless two factor solution. Instead of a hardware or software token they use SMS service via a mobile phone as a way to transport the passcode to the end user. Secure Envoy also has a solution known as SecureICE that can be used in the event of an emergency. This is a good alternative if a full blown two factor solution is not required.


SecurStar is a security vendor and offer two factor authentication capabilities.


Sentrybay offer a two factor authentication solution known as Enterprise SAS.


SMS PASSCODE A/S is provider of two-factor authentication via SMS.

Swivel is a dedicated two factor authentication vendor. Their two factor authentication flagship product is known as PinSafe.


SyferLock offers solutions that deliver enhanced single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication through one-time passwords.


Symantec have introduced strong authentication through their acquisition of Verisign. The solution is known as Symantec VIP.


tm3 software delivers a product known as KEYTRAC that is able to identify users based on their behaviour such as the way they type.


Validsoft is a supplier of multi factor authentication and transaction verification solutions.


Vasco is a two factor authentication vendor with a number of product options. Vasco also provides a two factor hosted service as well. Vasco's product is known as DIGIPASS.