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Email Archiving Solutions

One of the primary drivers organisations invest in an email archiving solution is for regulatory compliance. However there are other advantages to email archiving solutions. Email archivers have built in storage facilities and can additionally connect to external storage areas via SAN and NAS taking the burden away directly from the email servers.

Email archivers tend to have built in powerful policy and discovery utilities, useful reporting tools and they can act as a backup and recovery service for an organisation's emails in the event of a system failure or disaster.

Email archivers are offered in software and appliance platforms and have become a popular cloud service. Some vendors have integrated their archiving solutions with their email security gateways delivering more of a unified solution.




Atempo is a vendor who specialises in protecting, managing, archiving, and recovering digital information. Atempo offer the Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging product which is an email archiving solution.


Astaro who is a network security vendor delivers a hosted email archiving service.


Autonomy is a provider of infrastructure technology. Autonomy has an email archiving solution and provides this as a hosted service as well.


Barracuda specialises in a number of point security and networking solutions, also offer an email message archiver.


Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) is a provider of technology enabled business solutions and delivers email archiving software.


CommVault is known for its enterprise class backup technology and also provides an email archiving solution.


Cronlab's hosted email archiving solution brands a fast search engine for administrators and (if permitted) enables end users to quickly locate and access their lost emails. The solution is fully integrated in CronLab's existing Hosted Anti-Spam Filter and can be fully White Labelled.


EdgeWave deliver a portfolio of web, email and data protection technologies. EdgeWave Email Archive offers secure email archiving which is a cloud based solution.


EMC has a range of storage and archiving solutions including email archiving.


Fortinet has email archiving functionality built into their anti-spam solution. However this is built for compliance requirements only. For example you can archive email that hits the appliance, but you cannot import a bulk of PST files that a typical dedicated appliance built for both compliance and storage requirements is able to do.


GFI Software has a product known as GFI MAX MailArchive that is an archiving service in the cloud and also delivers an on premise archiving solution for small and meduim size businesses.


IBM provides email archiving known as IBM Information Archive for Email, Files and eDiscovery.


Google Postini provides Google Message Discovery that is an email archiving service in the cloud.


HP delivers an email archiving software for Microsoft Exchange. HP is one of the largest IT vendors in the world with a international global presence.


Iron Mountain is a provider of information management services and offer an email archiving solution.


MailArchiva is an open source archiving and compliance solution.


Mcafee is a security vendor and offer a SAAS based email archiving service.


Messaging Architects is a provider of business driven email and deliver an email archiving and ediscovery solution.


Metalogix is a provider for comprehensive content lifecycle management and offer a product known as Professional Archive Manager For Exchange.


Mimecast is an email solution specialist vendor and sells email archiving products.


Open Text has an archiving solution for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. Open Text specialises in enterprise content management solutions.


PineApp provides email archiving product appliances. PineApp has a focus on securing networks and email systems.


ProofPoint specialises in email solutions and provides an email archiving service.


Quest Software provides IT management solutions and more. Quest Software offer backup, recovery and archiving solutions through its acquisition of Bakbone Software.


Sonasoft has a product known as SonaVault Email Archiving.


Sherpa Software offers email management software to address Archiving, E-Discovery, PST Management and Compliance requirements for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange platforms.


Symantec Enterprise Vault is an enterprise and reputable email archiving software solution. Symantec also offer a cloud service known as Email Archiving.Cloud.


Webroot has an email archiving service which is hosted in the cloud. Webroot is a cloud based security vendor.


Unify specialises in development tools, data management, information archiving and migration solutions. Unify provides central archiving for email.


ZL Technologies specialises in unified archiving solutions and delivers email archiving for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.