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An email security gateway should be able to provide anti-malware scanning, outbound push and pull encryption methods, DLP and some form of intrusion prevention as well as rate control. They should provide clever spam detection techniques such as grey listing, recipient verification, integrate with real-time blacklist sources, BATV functionality, image analysis, dictionaries, integrate with reputation services and more. Most important and the final goal is that spam catch rate should perform well with minimal false positives.

Vendors now provide outbound anti-spam filtering because organisations want to ensure spam and viruses are not sent out from their domain which can get them blacklisted and in all sorts of problems. This can happen intentionally or it can be accidental. A possibility is when a system on the network has been compromised and is sending spam to the outside world using the organisations identity.

Many organisations commit to dedicated spam gateways such as the ones below simply because they are better at detecting spam and much more granular as opposed to UTM appliances. In granularity we mean some dedicated solutions are able to implement very granular content rules such as executable files are only allowed from one specific person to another, per domain and per user quarantine settings, multiple deployment options, built in hard drives for archiving and logging, advanced routing options, integration with Microsoft Outlook so that users can classify an email as spam from the Outlook client and many other powerful and nice to have features.


Email Security Gateway Vendor List





Anubis Networks is a vendor that develops email security solutions for all sized networks including MSP's, ISP's and companies. Anubis Networks have a server provider edition for ISP's, MSP's and carriers and have an enterprise edition for companies. Anubis also provide a hosted service as well.


Axway deliver enterprise class email gateway security. Axway is a business interaction networks company and their email security solution is known as Axway MailGate. Axway also offer email archiving and email encryption.


Barracuda Networks is a security and networking vendor with a range of cost effective and reputable point solutions usually targeted at the SMB market. Barracuda’s email security gateway is one of their oldest and flagship products. The product comes in both appliance and virtual platforms.


Bloxx deliver a range of anti spam appliances for organisations. Bloxx is an email and web security vendor.


Cisco is the largest networking vendor in the world and has a range of security solutions including their world class email security gateway. The Cisco IronPort product is targeted at both small and large networks. Through Cisco Scansafe Cisco also offer hosted email security.


Clearswift specialises in email and web security solutions. Clearswift were one of the first vendors in the UK with an email security offering and so have been around for a few years. Their email security offerings comes in software (Windows), virtual and physical appliance platforms.


CronLab is a content filtering vendor that delivers anti spam appliance based solutions for small and large businesses. CronLab positions their solution as highly efficient yet very simple and offering great value for money.


Deep Secure is a UK based security vendor. Deep Secure deliver an EAL4 certified messaging firewall known as Bastion. Deep Secure also deliver a product known as Mail Guard that provides ability to enforce policies and email content filtering.


EdgeWave deliver a portfolio of web, email and data protection technologies. EdgeWave messaging security comes in appliance, hosted and hybrid platforms.


FireEye deliver FireEye Email Malware Protection System for defence in depth protection against email spam and viruses.


FortiMail by Fortinet is a dedicated e-mail security gateway appliance. Fortinet is a market leader in UTM and have other point solution security products in their portfolio. FortiMail is built for small and enterprise networks and can be configured as a mail server and archiving solution.


F-Secure known for their malware protection for home and business users provide protection at the network edge against spam with their messaging security gateway.


GlobalCerts is a vendor delivering email security and certificate management solutions. GlobalCerts have a focus on resolving customer compliance requirements with challenges to securing messaging data.


Libra ESVA is an email security product delivered as a virtual solution and can run on a number of VMware platforms. Libra is a dedicated anti spam vendor and are based in Italy.


MailFoundry provide anti-spam and hosted anti-spam solutions.


Mcafee is a security vendor with a wide range of security products\solutions. Mcafee has an excellent reputation service known as Trusted source and GTI (Global Threat Intelligence). GTI can protect you from unknown malware in the wild. Trusted source is reputation based on the source that is sending a particular email message. Mcafee has a number of strategies in catching malware such as spam. One of their key differences is that all endpoints report back to Mcafee servers on new suspicious malware. Most vendor reputation servers do this also, but Mcafee has more endpoints than anyone else in the world. Mcafee have a number of options in a combination of email and web security and also offer hosted security services.


Messaging Architects focus their services on compliance availability and security in regards to email security. Their e-mail security ranges of products are available in appliance virtual and hosted platform. 


Microsoft who is the worlds largest software company has a couple of email security solutions. ForeFront Online Protection for Exchange is a hosted security service and Forefront Protection which is software based security product.


Mimecast specialise in email gateway protection and archiving solutions.


M86 Security specialise in both email and web products \ solutions and services. MailMarshal by M86 Security offer both hosted and appliance based messaging security.


Netasq provide an e-mail security solution known as MFILTRO.


Netgear provide their Pro Secure web and email security appliances targeted towards small networks.


Panda Security offer their Panda GateDefender Performa for network protection against e-mail and web threats.


PineApp is a small but growing vendor, focussing its product towards the SMB market. PineApp offer Email security, web security, UTM firewall and e-mail archiving. Mail-SeCure is PineApp’s range of email security appliances.


Proofpoint specialises in compliance and security for email. They provide both in house and SAAS based security solutions and services as well as e-mail archiving. The solutions are available as software, virtual appliance or hosted platforms.


SafeNet provide web and email security gateway solutions.


SecPoint is a security vendor and provide an anti-spam security appliance combined with web filtering protection.


SENDMAIL specialise in SMTP message infrastructures. SENDMAIL have an email security gateway solution known as Sentrion which delivers email security and content management.


Smoothwall offer an e-mail security solution offering.


Sonicwall known for their great UTM appliances for the SMB market also offer point solutions. One of them being their email security offering that comes in software appliance and virtual platforms.


Sophos is a UK based security vendor with a range of solutions mainly for the endpoint. Sophos email security gateway is aimed towards the small and medium sized market and is a cost effective solution. Sophos have a great reputation in their after sales support services. Sophos email solution is one of the easiest products to install and administer.


SpamTitan Technologies provides anti-spam solutions targeted towards small and medium size businesses, ISP providers and education sector.


Symantec is a well known security vendor with a wide range of security and storage solutions. Symantec Messaging Gateway (formally Brightmail) is Symantec’s email security gateway product. Symantec has a number of options in the email security offering such as hosted security, software, appliance and virtual platform. Like Mcafee, Symantec has a very large and intelligent research team. Symantec Messaging Gateway is an appliance and virtual appliance based solution.


Trend Micro is a reputable security vendor with a range of security solutions and services. Trend Micro’s InterScan Messaging Security Suite is aimed towards both small and large networks and comes in software, virtual, appliance and as a hosted service.


Vade Retro Technology is a dedicated specialist vendor on email security and deliver email security appliances. Vade Retro Technology also OEM their solution to ISP's.


Watchguard is well known for their UTM based firewalls also deliver an email security gateway. Their email security product can be combined with their web security appliance as a single appliance with one interface consolidating both solutions.


Websense email security can be combined with their web and data solutions as a single product and management interface. Websense being the leader of web security also provides a powerful email security solution in both hosted and in house platform and integrates with their centralised Triton console.