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High Availability and Data Replication Product Solutions & Vendors





CA (Computer Associates) offers high availability and data replication solutions that tightly integrate with its backup solution.


Commvault provides data replication software.


EMC2 provides a number of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. EMC2 have a storage solutions portfolio. EMC2 also provides other IT solutions in other areas such as IT security.


Google Postini has a solution known as Google Message Continuity that replicates email and ensures email failover.


MiraLink is a specialist and provider of remote disaster recovery systems and delivers a family of real time data protection products.


SIOS was formally a company known as SteelEye, and offers high availability and data replication solutions for Windows and Linux environments.


Symantec provides Veritas Volume Replicator that performs data replication and Symantec's Veritas Cluster Server delivers high availability for critical applications.


Synerway has a replication and consolidation solution.