IT Security Companies in Arizona, US




Company: Accuvant

Security Services: A company specialising in risk and compliance management, security products and solutions.


Locations: Denver, CO (head office) | TX | GA | OH | IL | TN | KS | CA | NV | FL | OR | WI | MN | AZ | NC | UT | WA.

Company: Advanced Systems Group

Security Services: A company providing a range of security solutions and services.

Other: Cloud computing, networking, servers, storage and more.

Locations: Denver, CO (head office) | Houston, TX | Colorado Springs, CO | Boise, ID | Phoenix, AZ | Bellevue, WA | Beaverton, OR | San Diego, CA | Salt Lake City, UT | Baton Rouge, LA.

Company: Active Computing

Security Services: An IT managed service provider offering security and other technology expertise.

Other: Microsoft, backup, wireless.

Locations: Tempe, AZ.

Company: Anitian Enterprise Security

Security Services: Anitian is a qualified QSA and provides information security services and solutions.


Locations: Beaverton, OR (head office) | AZ | MA | MN | WA.

Company: Applied Computer Solutions

Security Services: ACS provide a number of solutions and services in IT security.

Other: A number of other services and solutions.

Locations: Huntington Beach, CA | Sherman Oaks, CA | Pleasanton, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Rocklin, CA | San Diego, CA | Sunnyvale, CA | Seattle, WA | St. Louis, MO | Atlanta, GA.

Company: DakotaCom

Security Services: A connectivity and security business providing managed firewalls, anti-virus, spyware, secure e-mail.

Other: Connectivity, applications, hosting and more.

Locations: Tucson, AZ.

Company: datalink

Security Services: Data storage and protection, business continuity and disaster recovery and others.

Other: Network infrastructure, virtualisation and more.

Locations: Chanhassen, MN (head office) | AZ | CA | CO | CT | VA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MO | NV | NJ | NY | NC | OH | OR | PA | TX | WA | WI.

Company: Enterprise Technology Services

Security Services: A number of security services such as business continuity and disaster recovery

Other: IT management, network consulting and support services.

Locations: Phoenix, AZ.

Company: Fishnet Security

Security Services: A value add reseller with a large portfolio of security products and solutions, managed security services and consultancy, ISO 27002, PCI, HIPPA services.


Locations: Kansas City, MO (head office) | Alpharetta, GA | Westford, MA | Dublin, OH | Troy, MI | Ft. Wayne, IN | Indianapolis, IN | New York, NY | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | Herndon, VA | West Palm Beach, FL | Downers Grove, IL | Kansas City, MO | Addison, TX | Denver, CO | Houston, TX | Omaha, NE | Kansas City, MO | Kansas City, MO | St. Louis, MO | St. Paul, MN | Newport Beach, CA | Phoenix, AZ | Livermore, CA | Seattle, WA | Essex, UK

Company: Fusion Storm

Security Services: A company providing a wide variety of services, managed services, solutions and training.

Other: Many.

Locations: San Francisco , CA (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Bakersfield, CA | Irvine , CA | Sacramento, CA | San Diego, CA | San Jose, CA | Las Vegas , NV | Plano, TX | Cincinnati, Ohio | Columbus, OH | Franklin, MA | Red Bank, NJ | New York, NY | Tampa, FL.

Company: GHA Technologies

Security Services: A computer reseller and systems integrator providing data protection, network storage, cabling and connectivity solutions and more.

Other: Resale of HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Apple, Fujitsu, APC, Symantec, Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Premio and all the hottest Internet, bandwidth, security, VoIP, wireless, video, identification technologies and others.

Locations:Scottsdale, AZ.

Company: GMP Networks

Security Services: A company offering consultancy in a number of areas of IT including security.

Other: Endpoint management, virtualisation, data center optimisation.

Locations: Tucson, AZ.

Company: Insight Networking

Security Services: Insight provide a range of security solutions and services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Unified communications, infrastructure.

Locations: Tempe, Arizona (head office) | Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Charlotte, NC | Chantilly, VA | Chicago, IL | Columbus, OH | Corpus Christi, TX | Costa Mesa, CA | Cupertino, CA | Hanover Park, IL | Houston, TX | Kansas City, KS | Lake Wales, FL | Liberty Lake, WA | Madison, WI | McAllen, TX | New York, NY | Time Warner Center, NY | Norwalk, CT | Plano, TX | Portland, OR | Raleigh, NC | St. Paul MN | San Diego, CA | Seattle, WA | St. Louis, MO | Tampa, FL | Tempe, AZ | Tucson, AZ | Waltham, MA

Company: Insight Technology Solutions

Security Services: Insight Technology Solutions provide a range of security services and have a focus in other areas of IT as well.

Other: Cloud computing, software asset management, selling a wide variety of hardware and software to businesses and consumers, collaboration solutions, data center, managed and cloud services, IT asset disposal.

Locations: Sheffield, UK | AZ | CA | FL | GA | IL | KS | MA | MN | MO | NC | NY | OH | OR | TX | VA | WA | WI | Ontario, Canada | Quebec, Canada | Manitoba, Canada.

Company: Integrity Networking Systems

Security Services: Network security design, firewall implementation, virus/worm/spyware protection, active directory security/management, domain controller configuration/management, intrusion detection, data backup.

Other: Infrastructure, wireless, file servers and workstations, IP telephony, managed services.

Locations: Albuquerque, New Mexico | Tucson, Arizona.

Company: iT1

Security Services: iT1 offer auditing, policing, monitoring and other security services and solutions.

Other: Asset tracking, consultation, staff augmentation, networking, unified communication, system design, storage, virtualisation, project management and more.

Locations: Scottsdale, AZ | Buffalo Grove, IL


Security Services: A company with a wide range of solutions and services with a focus in three main areas which are communications and collaboration, data centre and professional and managed services. Security solutions and services form a part of their overall IT offerings.

Other: Many.

Locations: Slough, UK (head office) | Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA | Shelton, CT | Alpharetta, GA | Lisle, IL | Indianapolis, IN | Waltham, MA | FarmingtonĀ Hills, MI | Minneapolis, MN | Chesterfield, MO | Bridgewater, NJ | New York, NY | Charlotte, NC | Cincinnati, OH | Dublin, OH | Houston, TX | Plano, TX | San Antonio TX | Bellevue, WA | De Pere, WI | Brookfield, WI.

Company: MicroAge

Security Services: MicroAge provide some security solutions. However the company has a focus on selling technology products and solutions in general.

Other: Resale of a wide range of technology.

Locations: Tempe, Arizona.

Company: NCC Networks

Security Services: Network security engineering and integration company with a wide range of security solutions and services.


Locations: Phoenix, Arizona | Dallas, Texas | Chicago, Illinois

Company: Nothing But NET

Security Services: A company providing security solutions and services and cover other areas of IT as well.

Other: Wireless, storage, networking

Locations: Tempe, AZ

Company: QCM Technologies

Security Services: A company providing IT security as well as other services and solutions.

Other: E commerce, hosting, storage, virtualisation, ERP, messaging and collaboration and more.

Locations: Scottsdale, AZ

Company: Sequris Group

Security Services: Security operation centre, vulnerability management, firewall analysis, risk management, assessment and testing and others.


Locations: Royal Oak, MI | Phoenix, AZ | Atlanta, GA.

Company: Stock Tech Group, LLC

Security Services: Network security and network design company providing a range of solutions and services.

Other: Networking.

Locations: Phoenix, Arizona.

Company: TRACE3

Security Services: A value added reseller providing solutions and services in security and other areas of IT.

Other: Storage, networking, backup and archiving, virtualisation.

Locations: Irvine, CA | El Segundo, CA | Solana Beach, CA | Englewood, Colorado | Phoenix, AZ.

Company: VeNeT

Security Services: Specialists in IT enterprise infrastructure.

Other: Networking, asset management, integration services, support, enterprise software and more.

Locations: Scottsdale, Arizona.