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Hosted Email Security Services





Anubis Networks is a vendor that develops email security solutions for ISP's, MSP's, large and small organisations. Anubis has a hosted email security service known as Mail Protection Service.


Barracuda Networks is primarily a security vendor with networking and storage solutions also. Barracuda has introduced Barracuda Email Security Service which is a cloud email security service with built in encryption and DLP.


Cisco is a leading networking vendor and has a strong security portfolio. Cisco IronPort Cloud Email Security is Cisco's cloud based email security service.


ContentKeeper Technologies is an Australian based vendor with a focus on email and web solutions. ContentKeeper Mail is a cloud based email security service.


CronLab offers anti-spam, hosted anti-spam and web security solutions. CronLab delivers hosted anti-spam for incoming email and hosted anti-spam for outgoing email as well. Optional add-on features include Email Attachment Saver and White Labelling.


GFI Software offers Hosted email security and spam filtering services for inbound and outbound email which is known as MailEssentials Complete Online. GFI also delivers an email continuity service which can be utilised if your regular email server failed.


Google is known for its superior web search engine used throughout the world. However, this is just one many services that Google provides. Google has dedicated email services such as email security and continuity. Its security solution, formally known as Postini, is a hosted email security service.


Maildistiller offers cloud security services for MSPs and resellers. Maildistiller's portfolio includes email filtering, email archiving, exchange monitoring, web filtering, instant Replay, image analyser and content Filtering.


MailFoundry is a specialist in email anti-spam technology and provides a hosted anti-spam service.


Mcafee is a security vendor with a wide range of security products\solutions. Mcafee has an excellent reputation service known as Trusted source and GTI (Global Threat Intelligence) that provides a strong first layer of defence against spam. Mcafee has a range SAAS email security services and can be combined with its archiving service, web security service or email continuity service.


Messaging Architects focusses its services on email compliance availability and security. Messaging Architects e-mail security range of products is available in appliance, virtual and hosted platforms. 


Microsoft is the world's largest software vendor and provides ForeFront Online Protection for Exchange which is a hosted email security service.


Panda Security delivers cloud protection for a number of services including email security.


Proofpoint specialises in compliance and security for email. Proofpoint provides a SAAS based email security solution.


Spamina is a company that develops and delivers E-mail & Web security solutions in Public Cloud, Hybrid and Private Cloud environments. Spaminas products are designed for all types of businesses and MSP\'s / ISP\'s with solutions for E-mail Firewall, Archiving, Encryption & DLP (Data Lost Prevention) and Web filtering.


SpamTitan Technologies provides anti-spam solutions targeted towards small and medium size businesses, ISP providers and education sector


Symantec is a provider of IT security and storage solutions and delivers Symantec MessageLabs Email MessageLabs by Symantec has been around for a number of years and has a mature service.


Trend Micro is a security vendor with a range of security solutions and services. Trend Micro has a cloud solutions service for email security known as Trend Micro Hosted Email Security.


Websense focus is on web email and DLP solutions and delivers hosted email security.


Zscaler is a SAAS based security provider delivering email and web security services.