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Remote Access Vendor List


These are dedicated VPN solutions. For firewalls with built in SSL and IPSec capabilities see Firewall section of the website. Some features to consider when looking into remote access solutions are strong authentication, network access control, application access auditing, SSL acceleration, WAN optimisation, bandwidth throttling, compression and caching, intrusion prevention, ability to create virtual desktop sessions on the remote host enabling complete isolation from the physical host itself, granular user based control and policies so that users are assigned different rights when accessing the network.




AEP Networks design solutions mainly for remote connectivity. Their secure application access product comes in both hardware and virtualised platforms and targets both small and large networks. AEP also provide secure application and network access over the cloud through their CloudProtect hosted managed service.


AppGate are a set of remote access products owned by Crytpzone that uses SSH and SSL together as their remote access protocol. AppGate also offers a free edition for up to 10 users.


Array Networks is a remote connectivity vendor providing high class SSL VPN solutions for all sized networks. Their products can be split off into virtual products that is ideal for managed service providers or shared businesses.


Avaya deliver enterprise communication systems. The SSL VPN products by Avaya are both hardware and virtual appliances and support all size networks.


Barracuda SSL VPN gateway comes in both hardware and virtual platforms and is an excellent solution for small and medium sized businesses.


Barron McCann who are a security vendor provide a VPN gateway solution known as X-Kryptor Gateway.


Billion a networking vendor with some security solutions including a range of Biguard SSL and IPSec VPN gateways.


Check Point Software Technologies known for their world class network firewalls provide SSL and IPSec VPN capabilities for clients and mobile devices. Check Point’s Connectra gateway appliances integrate both IPSec and SSL in one appliance as well as intrusion prevention.


Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution has built in support capabilities for Apple products and other mobile devices as well as the standard laptops and computers.


Citrix Systems is one of the oldest remote access solution vendors in the world and are a reputable vendor well known for their desktop virtualisation and hosted services. Citrix access gateways can be provided in both hardware and virtual platforms.


Cyberoam known for their UTM appliances offer SSL VPN appliances in hardware and virtual platforms.


Draytek have an SSL VPN product for small businesses.

F5 Networks provide VPN capabilities through their FirePass Secure Access Gateway product that comes in both hardware and virtual platforms.


HOB GmbH is a vendor that specialises in secure connectivity and has a range of SSL VPN solutions.


Huawei Symantec Technologies specialises in network security and storage solutions and deliver an IPSec and SSL VPN appliance known as Secospace SVN3000.


Juniper Networks is world class vendor with a wide range of security and networking solutions. Juniper’s SSL VPN is provided for small and large enterprise networks and come in both hardware and virtual platform.


Microsoft’s Forefront Unified Access Gateway provides secure remote access SSL VPN capabilities.


NeoAccel offer SSL VPN solutions. NeoAccel’s secure gateway’s can be virtualised in to multiple virtual products on one appliance providing an ideal solution for service providers and shared businesses. They can sit on both hardware and virtual platforms.


Netgear provide SSL VPN solutions for small and medium size networks.


O2 Security provides security solutions such as firewalls and e-mail security. O2 Security’s SSL VPN solutions are known as Succendo SSL VPN's and are offered in six different models.


PORTSYS UK provide a secure remote access solution.


PortWise is a trusted identity and access management specialist. PortWise provide SSL VPN solutions with one time password functionality within their products.


Sangfor Technologies is a China based company providing WAN optimisation, application delivery, SSL VPN and internet access management solutions.


SonicWALL SSL VPN offerings are for both small and large networks. Their SRA range is targeted to small and medium sized networks. SonicWALL’s Aventail series of products are targeted for the larger networks. SonicWALL are a popular security vendor primarily for their UTM firewall appliances.


Stonesoft provide firewall, IPS and VPN solutions. Stonesoft’s StoneGate secure remote access gateway comes in virtual VMware and hardware platforms.


Watchguard is a popular UTM firewall company and provide SSL VPN capabilities as well.


Barron McCann is a provider of payment solutions, secure data services and network security. Barron McCann deliver a product known as X-Kryptor which is a VPN gateway solution.