Mobile device management should be a combination of general device management and security. It should have the ability to make companywide changes from one central interface and to have the functionality to enable and enforce security such as wiping a mobile device clean or being able to wipe a subset of the device, such as just the corporate settings and data.

The usual aspects should be taken into consideration when looking for a mobile device management platform such as the ability to support a diverse range of smart phones (Blackberry, Android, Apple, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.), a granular and functionally powerful management system as well as being easy to install and administer.



Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions




Absolute Software specialises in security software for endpoints and mobile devices and delivers a product known as Absolute Manage MDM which can remotely manage Apple mobile devices.


AetherPal Inc is a software provider who develop and market AetherPal which is a software suite for the remote management of smartphones and PC devices and provides mobile management for all the major mobile operating systems.


AirWatch provides an MDM solution designed for Apple iOS users which includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices as well as Android, Windows Mobile, Windows 7 and Blackberry.


Amtelnet is a SAAS based MDM provider offering security management, content management and expense management solutions.


Blackberry Enterprise Server supports Exchange, Lotus Domino and GroupWise. This product is for Blackberry devices only. Blackberry provides an in-house solution as well as a hosted service.


Boxtone software includes the support of Blackberry, Apple, Android and Windows Mobile. Boxtone is a dedicated mobility device management vendor.


Capricode is a MDM vendor based in Finland and provides Sync_Shield Advanced Mobile Device Management which can be purchased as a software solution or as a service. SyncShield can support iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.


CommonTime is based in the UK and the US and delivers a mobility management solution.


Dell has introduced a portfolio of mobility services which includes a MDM solution.


Excitor is an MDM vendor based in Denmark and delivers DME Mobile Device Manager which can manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile devices.

Currently the platform supports Apple iOS, Android, Symbian 9 3rd and 5th Edition, Symbian^3, Symbian UIQ 3.0 and 3.1, Windows Mobile (5.0, 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5) selected Java platforms (JP7, JP8), Blackberry (MDM only) and soon on Windows Phone 7


F-Secure known for its malware protection for home and business users offers mobile phone security and management.


FancyFon Software provides MDM as a service and a solution. FancyFon Software supports Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad devices and more.


Fixmo delivers mobility management for Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry.


Fromdistance is an Estonian based vendor with an MDM solution that supports RIM OS, Symbian, Apple, Android and Windows Mobile.


Good Technology is a dedicated mobile phone security and control vendor. Good support various mobile phone devices and offers mobile phone management in the cloud as a service.


HP has a HP Mobile Management Center service based around management of mobile devices.


IBELEM is an MDM vendor based in France providing support for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Nokia, Google Android, Palm Pre, Bada.


JAMF Software provides The Casper Suite which can manage Apple devices.


Kaspersky has mobile device management software that is also integrated with its anti-virus software for mobile devices. It is capable of locating a mobile device using Google maps and able to sense when the SIM card has been changed and provides the administrator with the new phone number.


LANDesk specialises in life cycle management, endpoint security management and IT service management. LANDesk Mobility Management is a mobile device management software product solution.


MaaS360 by Fibrelink delivers mobile device management as a cloud based service. The technology supports Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and Symbian devices.


Mcafee Enterprise Mobility Management software provides management and security for various mobile devices. Mcafee has integrated this technology in to their central management system.


Microsoft Exchange provides basic mobile device management through their ActiveSync protocol.


Mformation is a mobile device management software solution vendor. Mformation's solution is known as Mobile Device Manager.


Mobile Active Defense has an enterprise edition and carrier edition MDM solution and supports iPhone/iTouch/iPad (OS3, iOS4), Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian.


Mobile Iron is an MDM vendor with a powerful mobile management and security solution.


Mobiquant Technologies delivers security and management solutions for mobile devices. MobileNX Enterprise Suite is a smart phone security and management appliance suited for medium to large networks.


Notify Technology specialises in wireless mobility solutions and is a dedicated MDM provider supporting all major platforms.


Pointsec Mobile Security is a product by Check Point Software Technologies that is more of a dedicated encryption product for mobile devices.


Odyssey Software has a solution known as Athena which you can integrate with a Blackberry Enterprise Server to provide further functionality and manage other smart phones. Athina can also be used with other solutions for mobile management.


Smith Micro Software delivers Device Management Suite that also has remote diagnostic functionality built in.


SOTI specialises in managing, securing and tracking remote mobile and desktop computing devices. SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise MDM solution, which supports Windows, Apple and Android.


Sophos Mobile Control supports management of iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows smartphones. Sophos Mobile Control is a new solution introduced in April 2011.


Sybase is a large vendor with a number of services and solutions including an MDM solution as well as other mobile solutions and services. Its solution is known as Afaria.


Symantec is one of the largest software vendors in the world and specialises in storage and security solutions. Symantec offers an MDM solution known as Symantec Mobile Management.


Tangoe delivers Mobile Device Management Enterprise Software. Support is provided for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.


The Institution offers a product known as Revival that comes in a solution or as a service which delivers mobility management.


Ubitexx Mobile Business has a mobile management platform as that can be purchased as a physical appliance or as a service supporting all the major mobile phone platforms.


VizualMobile is a cloud based mobile device management vendor supporting Android, Blackberry and IOS.


Virtela offers a cloud based MDM service and can be purchased as a physical product.


Zenprise specialises in mobile device management solutions.