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We would be happy to hear from you and consider any recommendations for inclusion to our existing resources. So do feel free to get in touch and tell us about any solutions, vendors or anything else you think would add value to the site.

Our aim is to help visitors easily find what they are looking for. Our other goal is also to list sources with a certain degree of credibility so visitors can be assured they are getting to see products and services from trustworthy sources.

If a recommended source does not find itself on the site there are a number of reasons as below.


We do not list sources that:

Do not have a website.

The product is new to the market (unless it has some presence on the web from another reputable source).

Without any connections or reference from an independent 3rd party source. (For example it is an established business but do not have any references, recommendations or are not connected to any other recognised source.

Has had a consistent and poor reputation for its services or products.

A website that does not provide sufficient value (For example an IT publication website with minimal IT security articles and or is heavily filled with advertisements, pop-ups and so on).

Does not fit into any of the JafSec.com categories (For example it is a business selling computer gadgets and has no relevance to IT security or any of the other categories).


Finally for those who do not understand why we take these measures? It is to ensure we provide our visitors with a quality service.

Get in touch

Please provide the following criteria:

Website name: So we are able to view the site for ourselves.

Office location: 90% of the time we require the source to have a registered office. Although there are exceptions.

Other info: It would speed things up if you can assist in where you think the source would best fit into our site, some history about the source, their core competencies and anything else you feel is relevant.

And finally thank you for your input and recommendation.


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