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These are personal software firewalls for home computer systems and laptops. For a wider range of home firewalls bundled in with other threat prevention software, see the all in one security section.

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Home Firewalls





Comodo specialise in a range of services and products\solutions such as SSL certificates and authentication. Comodo also provide a very well known and free firewall for home users.


Filseclab provide personal firewall that is free for use.


Fortinet are a specialist in UTM firewalls of all sizes and also have a free firewall bundled with other malware protection features for home users. The software is known as FortiClient.


Look n Stop Firewall provide a personal firewall.


Online Armour by Emsisoft is a free firewall for home computers and laptops.


privacyware provide a free firewall.


SoftSphere Technologies offer a personal firewall known as DefenseWall.


Sunbelt who sell a range of security products offer a personal free firewall for home users.

ZoneAlarm is a security vendor owned by Checkpoint who are also a security vendor. ZoneAlarm provide an excellent free firewall for home users.