This section provides hosted \ cloud \ Secaas and MSSP security services.

A hosted or cloud security service is a service in the cloud. The product is situated in the hosted provider's data centre. For example, rather than deploying a web security solution in-house, you can purchase this as a subscription service, where your company would direct it's web traffic towards the hosted service for filtering inbound and outbound web traffic.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP's) not only provide a hosted service but also look after all of the customer's security requirements. They will respond to alerts, check customer services for any vulnerabilities, monitor the network 24/7 for downtime and any other alerts that have been set up, and the list can go on. It's basically a full blown service ensuring the customer is fully secure and operational. The MSSP may also provide a customer with internet services. An example would be providing a customer with an MPLS network connecting back into the MSSP backbone network which is protected behind a firewall and IPS system which they manage and monitor, ultimately providing the customer with further services.

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Hosted Security Services Vendor and Company List





Accellion - Hosted secure file transfer.


Apere - SAAS based identity and access management.


Armorize - Hosted web vulnerability scanning.


Astaro - Hosted archiving and log management.


Avira - Hosted e-mail security.


AEP Networks - Hosted remote access and application security.


Barracuda Networks - Hosted web and e-mail security.


Critical Watch - Hosted vulnerability management service.


Cisco IronPort - Hosted e-mail Security.

Cisco ScanSafe - Hosted web security.


Cryptocard - Hosted two factor authentication.


CypherCloud - Data protection, user based monitoring and regulatory compliance.


Echoworx - Cloud encryption services.


Entrust - Managed PKI service.


Fischer International - Cloud identity management service.


Fortify - Hosted security testing for software applications.


F-Secure - Hosted workstation, servers and e-mail security for SMB companies.


GFI Software - Hosted e-mail security and remote management.


Global DataGuard - PCI compliance check, vulnerability scanning, log management, analysis and monitoring, network access and policy monitoring and threat management.


Good Technology - Mobile phone management using cloud services.


Google Postini - Hosted e-mail security, web security, e-mail archiving.


IBM ISS - Hosted e-mail and web security, log management and vulnerability management.


kaspersky - Hosted web and e-mail security.


Messaging Architects - Hosted e-mail security.


Mcafee - Hosted endpoint, e-mail and web security. A combination of these is provided in suites as well.


m86 - Hosted e-mail and hybrid web security.


nCircle - Hosted certified PCI scan service and security and configuration audit service.


NetForensics - Hosted security information and event management (SIEM).


NFOCUS - Hosted web application vulnerability assessment.


Novell - Hosted single sign on, user activity auditing, application management.


nuBridges - Cloud data protection.


Outpost24 UK - Cloud vulnerability assessment.


Panda Security - Hosted e-mail and web security.


Proofpoint - Hosted e-mail security.


Qualys - Hosted vulnerability management, policy and PCI compliance, web application scanning and malware detection.


Riverbed - Hosted WAN optimisation


RM5 IDM - Cloud identity management


Safnet - Hosted multi-factor authentication, cryptographic key management, backup, disaster recovery and archival of data.


SAINT - Hosted vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, web application scanning.


Secpoint - Cloud vulnerability scanning.


Spamina - Hosted email firewall, email continuity, email archiving, email encryption.


StillSecure - Managed firewalls, IDS and IPS, log management, vulnerability scanning, web security, e-mail security, VPN, web application firewall.


Strangeloop - Hosted website optimiser (improving website response time).


SureCloud - Cloud based vulnerability scanning, PCI scanning, network IDS, wireless IDS and log management.


Sybase - Hosted mobility management \ security service.


Symantec - Hosted e-mail security, e-mail encryption, web security, endpoint protection and instant messaging security.


Symplified Identity Manager - Cloud based identity access management for user provisioning. Symplified Sign-On is used for SSO and Access Manager for access management.


Trend Micro - Hosted endpoint security, e-mail security (InterScan), website security (SecureSite), endpoint encryption (Mobile Armor).


Trustwave - Hosted NAC, encryption, SIEM, two factor authentication, endpoint control, IDS and IPS.


Veracode, Inc - Application risk management.


Webroot - Hosted web security, e-mail security, e-mail archiving.


Websense - Hosted web and e-mail security.


White Hat - Cloud based vulnerability management.