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This section provides hosted \ cloud \ Secaas and MSSP security services.

A hosted or cloud security service is a service in the cloud. Web and e-mail security as a service are typical examples. The product is situated in the hosted provider's data centre. Your company will direct it's e-mail or web traffic to the hosted service for filtering inbound and outbound traffic.

MSSP's not only provide a hosted service but also look after your security requirements. They will respond to alerts, check your company for vulnerabilites, monitor your network 24/7 and so on. It's basically a full blown service ensuring your business is secure. They may also provide you with internet services. An example would be providing you with an MPLS network connecting back into their backbone network which is protected behind a firewall and IPS system which they manage and monitor.

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Hosted Security Services Vendor and Company List





Accellion - Hosted secure file transfer.


Apere - SAAS based identity and access management.


Armorize - Hosted web vulnerability scanning.


Astaro - Hosted archiving and log management.


Avira - Hosted e-mail security.


AEP Networks - Hosted remote access and application security.


Barracuda Networks - Hosted web and e-mail security.


Critical Watch - Hosted vulnerability management service.


Cisco IronPort - Hosted e-mail Security.

Cisco ScanSafe - Hosted web security.


Cryptocard - Hosted two factor authentication.


CypherCloud - data protection, user based monitoring and regulatory compliance.


Echoworx - Cloud encryption services.


Entrust - Managed PKI service.


Fischer International - Cloud identity management service.


Fortify - Hosted security testing for software applications.


F-Secure - Hosted workstation, servers and e-mail security for SMB companies.


GFI Software - Hosted e-mail security and remote management.


Global DataGuard - PCI compliance check, vulnerability scanning, log management, analysis and monitoring, network access and policy monitoring and threat management.


Good Technology - Mobile phone management using cloud services.


Google Postini - Hosted e-mail security, web security, e-mail archiving.


IBM ISS - Hosted e-mail and web security, log management and vulnerability management.


kaspersky - Hosted web and e-mail security.


Messaging Architects - Hosted e-mail security.


Mcafee - Hosted endpoint, e-mail and web security. A combination of these are provided in suites as well.


m86 - Hosted e-mail and hybrid web security.


nCircle - Hosted certified PCI scan service and security and configuration audit service.


NetForensics - Hosted security information and event management (SIEM).


NFOCUS - Hosted web application vulnerability assessment.


Novell - Hosted single sign on, user activity auditing, application management.


nuBridges - Cloud data protection.


Outpost24 UK - Cloud vulnerability assessment.


Panda Security - Hosted e-mail and web security.


Proofpoint - Hosted e-mail security.


Qualys - Hosted vulnerability management, policy and PCI compliance, web application scanning and malware detection.


Riverbed - Hosted WAN optimisation


RM5 IDM - Cloud identity management


Safnet - Hosted multi-factor authentication, cryptographic key management, backup, disaster recovery and archival of data.


SAINT - Hosted vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, web application scanning.


Secpoint - Cloud vulnerability scanning.


Spamina - Hosted email firewall, email coniuity, email archiving, email encryption.


StillSecure - Managed firewalls, IDS and IPS, log management, vulnerability scanning, web security, e-mail security, VPN, web application firewall.


Strangeloop - Hosted website optimiser (improving website response time).


SureCloud - Cloud based vulnerability scanning, PCI scanning, network IDS, wireless IDS and log management.


Sybase - Hosted mobility management \ security service.


Symantec - Hosted e-mail security, e-mail encryption, web security, endpoint protection and instant messaging security.


Symplified Identity Manager - Cloud based identity access management for user provisioning. Symplified Sign-On is used for SSO and Access Manager for access management.


Trend Micro - Hosted endpoint security, e-mail security (InterScan), website security (SecureSite), endpoint encryption (Mobile Armor).


Trustwave - Hosted NAC, encryption, SIEM, two factor authentication, endpoint control, IDS and IPS.


Veracode, Inc - Application risk management.


Webroot - Hosted web security, e-mail security, e-mail archiving.


Websense - Hosted web and e-mail security.


White Hat - Cloud based vulnerability management.