JafSec.com is a website dedicated to providing IT tutorials and pointing you in the right direction for all your IT Networking & Security needs.




This site is under construction.

JafSec is an IT Network & Security website. I provide technical information or link out to Networking & Security vendors and other companies who provide IT security solutions and services.

I provide you with information and link out to other websites who provide tutorials, security publications, professional services\consultancy and other useful information, tools and resources relevant to IT Network Security.

JafSec.com was created so that visitors are able to quickly and easily find the information and solution/s they are looking for from one central place. Ultimately it is here to help visitors, by showing them what is available on the market today and enabling them to making better decisions.

Although I try my best to keep the website up to date, in reality, this is not the case. Currently I am refreshing the website which was last updated approximately 10 years ago.