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Online Backup Services for Business


JafSec says - Why don't you give LiveDrive a try on the left. LiveDrive is an online backup service which is very easy to use and a fantastic all rounder. The great thing is you can sign up for a 14 day trial without having to give them your payment information!

The service constantly monitors your computer for changes and backs up your files when required. You don't even have to setup backup schedules or have to click anything to make it work, it just works for you in the background.





AmeriVault an enterprise class offsite data backup and recovery service.


Asigra have a strong backup portfolio providing cloud based backup and backup for MSSP's.


ByteHouse is a web hosting company who also provide an online backup service. ByteHouse data centres are based in the UK.


Hitachi have an online backup service.


Iron Mountain is a vendor specialising in information management solutions. Iron Mountain deliver an online backup and recovery service.


i365 deliver cloud backup and storage services. i365 also provide reseller accounts enabling resellers to resell their service.


KineticD offer online backup for businesses. KineticD also have an OEMs and MSPs partner program as well where KineticD offers a branded online backup and recovery service with an integrated remote desktop feature.


Mozy Pro is an online backup service for business users. Mozy is owned by EMC who are a large fortune 500 company.


NovaStor have a number of backup solutions including online backup. NovaStor partner with IT service providers supporting business models including cloud backup, backup-as-a-service, storage-as-a-service or backup as managed service.


Rackspace specialise in the hosting and cloud computing industry and offer a managed backup service.


R1Soft provide continuous data protection which is a backup service for both Windows and Linux platforms.


Storage Guardian is a data protection company that backup up critical data on a pay-as-you-go basis to an off-site location.


StoragePipe deliver data protection solutions including online backup and recovery, electronic archiving and business continuity for all size businesses.


Symantec have an online backup service for small and medium sized businesses.


VaultLogix provide offsite data backup and storage for business clients.