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Endpoint Encryption Solutions & Vendors

This section is targeted towards vendors that provide endpoint data encryption solutions for mobile devices that can be centrally monitored and managed. This includes full disk encryption, file and folder encryption and encryption of removable media. Many vendors provide these features as a single solution, and some vendors also integrate device control and other utilities into the equation.





Absolute Software specialises in endpoint and mobile security software and delivers Absolute Secure Drive which is a management console for self-encrypted drives. This is not the usual endpoint encryption type software you would install on an endpoint, but rather if the manufacturer has already implemented SED's (self-encrypted drives) into the devices you own, then this could be a good option.


Becrypt specialises in data protection and data security products including port control, full disk and mobile device encryption software for businesses.


BlockMaster is a USB encryption vendor that provides encrypted USB devices and a central management console to manage multiple USB drives.


Check Point Software Technologies is a leading security vendor and offers both full disk and removable media encryption.


Credant Technologies specialises in data encryption, security and compliance. Credant Technologies offers encryption for mobile devices and client systems as well as port control and other solutions.


Cryptzone provides a range of security solutions including centralised USB and hard disk encryption.


Deslock is an encryption vendor that provides endpoint encryption for both consumers and business users. Deslock has a basic free version of its software.


Echworx is an encryption vendor and offers encryption solutions for endpoints, network and offers a cloud based encryption service. You can set policies via an admin console and specify the types of files that requires encrypting, who is allowed to view these files and so on.


FalconGaze is a provider of encryption and data leakage products and offers FalconGaze EndPoint Encryption.


High Density Devices is a data protection vendor offering self-encrypted hard disk drives. High Density Devices have met both FIPS 140 for its cryptographic modules and Common Criteria Level 4+.


Identiware is an authentication and encryption solutions provider. Identiware offers encrypted USB drives and hard disks.


iStorage delivers secure portable hard drives where data is encrypted and built with secure pin code access on the product.


Jetico delivers enterprise level encryption through its BestCrypt software.


LOK-IT delivers secure encrypted flash drives.


Mcafee has integrated its encryption software into its central management system but also offers the original encryption software as well for businesses that has specific requirements.


Microsoft provides encryption capabilities through its Windows BitLocker software that is built by default into its new client operating systems.


Mobile Armor delivers a number of data protection solutions including encryption software and device control. Mobile Armor also offers encryption in the cloud service. Mobile Armor has been acquired by Trend Micro.


Novell soon to be acquired by Attachmate Corporation provides data protection and encryption through its ZENworks Endpoint Security Management software.


nuBridges Inc delivers a solution to protect confidential data such as credit card information, social security numbers, NI numbers and so on. NuBridges has a focus with securing organisations with data protection requirements for PCI DSS.


Safend is a specialist in endpoint data security and has a number of endpoint solutions including Safend Encryption for data encryption.


SafeNet is a security vendor with a large focus on data encryption. SafeNet has a range of solutions including database security and two factor authentication. Safenet also has a number of encryption options.


Secude provides solutions in endpoint security, identity and access management and governance, risk and compliance. FinallySecure Enterprise is a full disk encryption software solution.


Secure Grade delivers a product known as Boole Server which is a unified data protection solution with the ability to encrypt and apply some DLP. Boole Server can control who can see and use corporate files as well as encrypting these documents and only allowing access to authorised users.


SecurStar has a focus on data encryption and also provides a few other solutions including client and mobile encryption solutions.


SkyRecon provides a product known as Security Box FullCrypt that is a product for businesses enabling central management and the encryption of hard disks.


Sophos provides endpoint and gateway security solutions. Sophos has a powerful and scalable encryption solution known as SafeGuard Enterprise which also includes device control capabilities.


Symantec provides security and storage solutions and offers a data encryption solution for clients and removable devices. File encryption by Symantec is an endpoint encryption platform for small, medium and enterprise level organisations.


Trustwave delivers a range of security solutions and a number of encryption options as well as a hosted encryption service.


Verdasys combines its data encryption software with DLP capabilities offering a strong solution.


Voltage Security is a specialist in enterprise data protection and has a number of encryption solutions for businesses. Voltage Security includes cloud encryption services as well.


Wave Systems is an encryption and authentication vendor and has a solution enabling management of Windows BitLocker encryption software. EMBASSY® Remote Administration Server is another management product by Wave Systems that can manage self-encrypted hard drives by Seagate and Samsung, OPAL-compliant self-encrypting hard drives, SafeNet ProtectDrive FDE software and Trusted Platform Modules from any manufacturer.


WinMagic is a dedicated encryption vendor with a wide range of data encryption solutions.


Zixcorp provides network policy based email encryption.