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Vulnerability Managers And Scanners Vendor List

The job of a vulnerability scanning device is to scan the network for vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning solutions are able to scan vulnerabilities for all sorts of application and infrastructure equipment, such as clients, servers, routers and switches.

Vulnerability scanning solutions can be found as a dedicated device, point product solution, or in many other cases, combined with another solution, such as a web security gateways that provide vulnerability assessment for web based applications or found as a feature as part of a next generation network firewall.

Many of the vulnerability scanning solutions out there, not only scan and let you know about the vulnerabilities they have found on the network, but many have some capabilities for automatic remediation, via an agent, on the endpoint devices.




Alert Logic is a cloud solutions vendor and offers a cloud based vulnerability assessment service.


AppDetectivePro by Application Security Inc offers a vulnerability scanning solution for databases.


Beyond Security develops tools for finding security holes and exposing vulnerabilities and provides a vulnerability scanner in its beSTORM solution.


Critical Watch offers a vulnerability management solution known as FusionVM that is an in-house product. Critical Watch also offers FusionVM SaaS as a hosted service.


eEye Digital provides a solution known as Retina Network Security Scanner that also integrates with its endpoint protection suite.


Fortinet delivers FortiScan Vulnerability Management which is a solution for the enterprise market. Each appliance supports up to 5000 assets.


Fortify 360 is a vulnerability product produced by Fortify. Fortify is a vendor owned by HP. Fortify 360 is able to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in software. HP deliver two other vulnerability testing products known as HPWebInspect and HPQAInspect.


GFI Software is a security vendor with a range of network security solutions and delivers the GFILanGuard that provides vulnerability scanning and more.


Global DataGuard is a UTM and managed security service provider and offers a vulnerability management solution.


IBM provides vulnerability scanning in a solution known as Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner.


Imperva has a vulnerability service for databases and also provides a solution known as SecureSphere Database Firewall.     


LANDesk Software provides LANDesk Patch Manager that is a patch management and vulnerability assessment solution.


Lumension Security provides a vulnerability scanning solution through its Vulnerability Assessment Scanner.


Mcafee delivers a vulnerability scanner that can integrate with its policy auditor, file integrity monitor, central management system and other products to provide a complete risk and compliance solution. Mcafee also provides vulnerability scanning as a hosted service.


nCircle is an IT security vendor focussed on risk and compliance and provides vulnerability scanning through its security risk and compliance management suite.


Numara Software offers IT and asset management solutions and services and has a vulnerability management solution.


Outpost24 UK delivers vulnerability assessment and management as a service and in house. Outpost delivers a network scanning solution designed for PCI purposes as well.


Qualys delivers IT security risk and compliance management solutions and provides vulnerability management as a on premise solution and as a hosted service.


Rapid7 is a provider of unified vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions and offers vulnerability management and penetration testing services and solutions.


RedSeal Vulnerability Advisor is a vulnerability assessment and management solution. RedSeal Systems is a developer of security assurance solutions.


Safend Auditor by Safend provides vulnerability scanning for endpoints. Safend is a vendor with solutions in endpoint data protection software.


Saint specialises in vulnerability management and penetration testing solutions and services. Saint also provides vulnerability scanning as a hosted service.


SecPoint is a security vendor and provides a vulnerability scanning solution with some penetration testing capabilities.


Secunia provides vulnerability management through its Vulnerability Assessment Manager solution. Secunia also offers a host based and cloud based solution for scanning individual client systems known as Personal Software Inspector and Online Software Inspector.


Sipera has a solution known as Viper Lab that looks for vulnerabilities within VOIP communications systems. Sipera also provides other assessment tools.


Sourcefire has vulnerability management capabilities built into its IDS and IPS solutions.


StillSecure specialises in NAC, IPS and vulnerability management products. StillSecure vulnerability management solution is known as StillSecure VAM.


Symantec Control Compliance Suite offers a powerful vulnerability management solution.


Tenable Network Security provides a vulnerability scanning solution known as Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.


Trustwave has a wide range of security products and services including a vulnerability scanner. Trustwave provides vulnerability scanning as a hosted service as well.


Vulnit delivers Plug and Audit Key which can discover the network, test for vulnerabilities and report on found vulnerabilities.