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Application Control, Change Control Software Vendor List

Application control gives tight control over which applications are able to run on a client or server operating system. An admin may define which applications are allowed and everything else will be blocked. The big question we are asked on numerous occasions is; can application control be used as an alternative to anti-virus? Our opinion on this is it really depends on the circumstances and environment. It may suffice on a server for example but we would not recommend application control as the only remedy on user systems. The best answer however would be application control compliments anti-virus and both should be deployed. Like anti-virus, application control is not perfect, however implementing both offers much greater security.

Change control gives protection over changes of files and folders. You can specify what you would define as critical files and folders and either prevent changes from occurring or allow changes but log the event.




Bit9 deliver application whitelisting software.


Lumension Security is a vendor focussed in endpoint management and security and offer Lumension Application Control/Whitelisting software.


Mcafee have both application control and change control software solutions. These are controlled by their EPO central management system.


Quest Software have a number of change auditing software products such as ChangeAuditor for Active Directory, ChangeAuditor for Exchange
ChangeAuditor for EMC
ChangeAuditor for LDAP
ChangeAuditor for NetApp
ChangeAuditor for SQL Server
ChangeAuditor for Windows File Servers.


Savant is a dedicated vendor for application whitelisting solutions.

Sentrybay is a provider of desktop security products.


Symantec is a worldwide security and storage vendor and offer application control software.


Tripwire offer file integrity and ChangeIQ ensuring change control.