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WAN Optimisation Controllers and Application Acceleration Vendor List

Below list contains Unified WAN Performance Management solutions also called WAN Optimisation Controllers. In some way, shape or form these solutions help in optimising traffic, accelerating applications, providing traffic visibility, shaping \ controlling traffic or a combination of these in order to help you manage your WAN bandwidth.

WAN is usually the bottleneck and limited for bandwidth and as mobile workers and users from remote offices access and use applications over the WAN, WAN optimisation has become an important technology that will ultimately help in better performance and response times of applications over the WAN.





Allot Communications provide a bandwidth management solution known as NetEnforcer.


Aptimize accelerates web applications.


A10 Networks have a WAN bandwidth management solution that can accelerate traffic.


Barracuda Networks provide a dedicated link balancer solution that enables inbound and outbound load balancing of internet traffic.


Blue Coat is a reputable Wan optimisation vendor. Blue Coat also provide a range of other solutions such as web filtering and DLP. Their technologies can be combined together to offer a more unified solution.


CDNetworks offer web acceleration.


Circadence is a WAN optimisation vendor that come in both appliance and virtual platforms.


Citrix provide WAN optimisation and application acceleration in their WANScaler solution.


Cisco Systems provide products and services known as Wide Area Application Services. Cisco offer WAN optimisation in appliance, virtual and router integrated platform and solutions for mobile workers.


Exinda is a WAN optimisation and application acceleration specialist vendor.


Expand Networks have WAN optimisation solutions in virtual and appliance platforms and a solution for mobile users as well.


F5 offer WAN optimisation and web acceleration products for small and large networks. F5's WAN optimisation and ADC's are tightly integrated.


Ipanema Technologies provide a solution portfolio known as IpIengine that is a WAN optimisation technology. Ipanema also provide delivery of desktop virtualisation over the WAN.


jetNEXUS specialise in application acceleration and load balancing.


Juniper Networks provide a WAN optimisation portfolio in their WXC application acceleration appliances.

NETEX have a product known as HyperIP that delivers WAN optimization for data replication, cloud storage, iSCSI replication, and other large IP storage and file transfer applications.


Radware provide a link balancer called LinkProof enabling load balancing of multiple internet connections.


Riverbed solutions known as Stealhead provide WAN optimisation and application acceleration in appliance, virtual and cloud based platform.


Sangfor is a company based in China who deliver Wan optimisation, application delivery controllers and web security solutions.


Silver Peak offer physical and virtual WAN optimisation solutions.


Strangeloop is a vendor that provides a solution in appliance and hosted platform known as SiteOptimizer. The solution helps in speeding website response times.