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Identity and Access Management Solutions Vendor Product List





Active Identity is a developer of identity assurance solutions. Active Identity have a portfolio which includes;

Versatile Authentication - Offers strong authentication.
Credential Management - For managing smart cards and USB tokens that provide various forms of credentials.
Authentication Devices - A range of authentication devices and accessories.
Security Clients - Which can be used with strong authentication and credential management so you can use smart cards and USB tokens.
Validation - A PKI validation solution for end user validation when they are attempting use of applications.
Access Control - For providing granular access control.


Apere can help with SAAS SSO, self service portals, users on-boarding and off-boarding, password policies, workflow authorisation, compliance reports, privileged account management, access certification, contract portal and federated identity.


Avatier deliver identity management, user provisioning and password reset solutions and services.

A10Networks offer ID series of products that form an IAM solution which include password management, identity tracking, Radius authentication, user provisioning and reporting and a guest access solution.


Bayshore Networks delivers an authorisation solution known as SingleTone which is a role based access control system.


Beyond Trust is an identity management vendor for virtualised and cloud environments.


CA Identity & Access Management (CA IAM) is a strong solution that provides user provisioning, single sign on, federation, web access management, password management and host access management. CA acquired Arcot Systems to strengthen their authentication solutions and services.


Centrify works with Microsoft AD to deliver secure access to corporate systems and applications across the enterprise. Centrify provide authentication and access control, role based authorisation, user activity auditing, securing data and information and central management.


Courion is a provider of compliance, governance and provisioning solutions and offer IAM through a number of solutions such as compliance management, role management, user provisioning and password management.


CSS is a provider of information security solutions and services and offer IAM in the cloud, as a physical hardware and in virtual platform.


cyber-ark is a provider of identity management suite, session management suite and sensitive information management suite. Each suite is made of integrated products to form a complete solution.


Engiweb Security have products for user provisioning, role management, access certifications, access control, identity intelligence and auditing.


Entust is a provider of identity based security solutions and services and deliver PKI services, GetAccess solution which is authentication for web access and the ability to provide single sign on for all web applications, fraud detection, strong authentication and SSL certificates.


Evidian deliver authentication management, web SSO, enterprise SSO and identity and access management.


Fischer International is a dedicated IAM vendor that offers provisioning, account management, password management, mobile IDM and more. Fischer International can provide identity management as a service also.

HID provide both physical and logical


Fortress is an open source identity and access management system which is built on top of OpenLDAP. Fortress addresses authentication, authorization and auditing requirements.

Hitachi ID Systems deliver Identity And Access Management through four solutions known as Password Manager, Identity Manager, Privileged Access Manager and Group Manager.


HP can help you with Public key infrastructure management services, Network access control services, Managed remote access, user provisioning, Active Directory service, web access SSO service, Electronic signature services and Identity federation service.


IBM is an IT software and hardware vendor with a wide range of solutions and services and provide a solid IAM portfolio which include;

IBM Tivoli Identity and Access Manager - User management and access control which automates management of user accounts, permissions and password.
IBM Tivoli Unified Single Sign-On - Provides the ability to pass on credentials to other applications. End users do not need to keep specifying their ID and password.
IBM Tivoli Identity Manager - Policy based IDM solution which enables Management of user accounts, permissions and passwords.
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business - Centralising access management.
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On - Single sign-on solution with strong authentication, auditing and other functionality.
IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems - Identifies system vulnerabilities for operating systems and applications.
IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager - A single sign-on product built so that partners can easily share information.
IBM Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager - Provides user activity monitoring and security policy compliance.
IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator - Synchronising data sources.
IBM Tivoli Directory Server - Enterprise directory for intranets and internet.
IBM Security zSecure suite - Auditing and monitoring incidents.
IBM Identity and Access Management Services - An identity management portfolio covering all IAM aspects.


Imanami specialise in identity and group management systems specifically designed to work with Active Directory.


Imprivata offer Imprivata OneSign which is a central SSO password management solution.


i-Sprint Innovations is an identity management provider who can help by offering single sign-on, access management, credential management, authentication and simplifying web access.


Lieberman Software Corporation specialises in identity management and their product line is made up of Enterprise Random Password Manager which provisions account passwords across multi platforms, Random Password Manager which ensures no two passwords are the same and Windows Security Management Tools which is a reporting product.


Microsoft provide identity and access management using their Forefront Identity Manager and Active Directory Domain Services, Federation Services, Lightweight Directory Services and Windows Azure Access Control Services.


Netwrix is a producer of identity management products for Active Directory.


NetIQ offer identity and access management.


Novell deliver IAM in their Identity Manager solution that comes in three options. Novell provide standard edition which provide automated provisioning and more, advanced edition which is the standard edition with added functionality such as roles management, advanced workflow capabilities and revolutionary reporting capabilities. Finally the third option is Novell Compliance Management Platform which is the advanced edition with added functionality of access management and SIEM functionality.


Oracle is one of the largest software vendors in the world and deliver a strong identity and access management solution which is regarded as one of the best by many IT professionals. Oracle acquired Sun Microsystem to strengthen their portfolio.


Osirium is a specialist in infrastructure management solutions and their solution offers strong authentication, single sign-on and privileged user access.


Ping Identity delivers PingFederate Internet Identity Security Platform that provides single sign-on, user account management and secure web API's. Ping Identity provides other identity and password management solutions as well.


Portwise offer Portwise Access Manager IAM solution which consists of single sign-on, access policy management, strong user authentication, endpoint security, SSL VPN and auditing and reporting.


Quest Software delivers IAM that is able to provision accounts, provide role management, password management, single sign-on and also privileged account management services.


Radiant Logic is a specialist in identity management. Radiant Logic provide virtual directory products for identity integration and context management.


RM5 Software offer both cloud and software based identity management solutions.


RSA deliver IAM which include four credential management solutions, four authentication solutions, two solutions in contextual authorization and six products in intelligence solutions, two of which include their DLP and SIEM products.


Safestone have a portfolio of user and password management and compliance products. Safestone is a security vendor focussed on protecting data.


SAP deliver a product known as SAP NetWeaver which is an identity management solution that provides user provisioning, compliance and reporting.


Sentillion who is a Microsoft company have an IAM solution built for the health care environment that can provide user provisioning, SSO and more.


Siemens offers a strong IAM solution which integrates with biometric and smart card technology.


Symlabs is a vendor focussed in identity management solutions. Symlabs have a product known as Symlabs Federated Identity Suite which provides federated IDM capabilities.


Symplified Identity Manager is a cloud based identity access solution for provisioning users. Symplified Sign-On is used for SSO and Access Manager for access management.


Thales Information Technology Security is a defence and security specialist and deliver a number of products known as SAFESIGN that offer key management, strong authentication and identity management.

Tool4Ever is a provider of identity and access management solutions and services. User Management Resource Administrator software is their full IAM offering. Tools4Ever also deliver password and access management products including an SSO solution, a password reset solution enabling users to reset their own Active Directory password and a few other products in this area.


Wallix AdminBastion provides access control, centralised authentication, session recording, traceability, connection logging, real-time supervision, delegation of rights, reports and stats and SSH flow scanning from one appliance.