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Web Application Firewall Solutions Vendor and Product List

The purpose of a Web Application Firewall is to protect against attacks directed towards websites. Common attacks include Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection, Command Injection, Buffer Overflow, Cookie Poisoning and many more. PCI DSS is a huge driver for organisations investing in WAF solutions.

These attacks can be prevented via a Web Application Firewall. WAF use many clever techniques some of which include protection against file injection, command injection, ajax application security, cold fusion, php, SQL injections, encrypting session cookies, enforcing buffer limits, preventing cyber criminals from inserting malicious scripts into the website URL and headers, inspecting specific application layer traffic for malicious threats, providing anti-virus checking for files being uploaded, providing XML security for web 2.0 sites and more.

Some WAF solutions also provide built in application acceleration and load balancing traffic for server farms.




acunetix specialise in web application security and provide a web vulnerability scanner.


Armorize Appsec Suite is a suite of web application security solutions. CodeSecure analyses static code and software verification and more. HackAlert is a cloud based alerting system for websites and advertisements. Finally SmartWAF is a web application firewall solution.

AppliCure Technologies is a dedicated web application security vendor and offer a web application firewall as a software platform known as dotDefender.


ArmorLogic is focused on web application and website security and have a web application firewall known as Profense.


art of defence provide web application security and a web application firewall plugin for apache and Microsoft server known as hyperguard


Barracuda have a portfolio of network security products and services in the cloud as well as other solutions. Barracuda provide a dedicated web application firewall product.


Citrix Netscaler is an application acceleration, load balancer and web security product all in one.


Cisco is a leading networking and collaboration solutions vendor and offer a Cisco Ace Web Application Firewall.


eEye Digital Security provide web security through their SecureIIS solution.


eEye Digital Security is a specialist in vulnerability management and have a web security scanner and built in reporting functionality looking for web application vulnerabilities.


F5 who offer application delivery solutions and web security also provide a dedicated web application firewall solution.


Fortinet is a network security vendor and provide a web application firewall with a built in vulnerability scanner solution.


Forum Systems deliver a FORUM SENTRY Web Application Firewall for enterprises. Forum Systems is a provider of trust management, threat protection and information assurance solutions.


Imperva offer web application security in their web application firewall and ThreatRadar solutions.


NSFOCUS Information Technology is a network and application security vendor. NSFOCUS deliver a Web Application Firewall solution.


Port80 Software is a provider of security and performance technology for Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server application.


Privacyware provide a web application firewall and intrusion prevention for Microsoft IIS known as ThreatSentry.


QUALYS deliver IT security risk and compliance management solutions and offer a dedicated web application security assessment and reporting scanner.


Quotium Technologies delivers a web application security solution.


Radware is a vendor with a focus in integrated application delivery solutions and have a product known as AppWall that is a dedicated web application firewall solution.


Rapid7 is a provider of unified vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions and offer a dedicated web application scanner.


Trustwave acquired Breach Security and so along with their other security solutions also offer a web application firewall.


Zeus Application Firewall module can be integrated into their Traffic Manager application delivery controller solution providing load balancing and a web application firewall into one product.