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Penetration Testing Software Vendors




BackTrack is a live bootable CD with a handful of useful tools used for vulnerability assessments, information gathering, privilege escalation, stress testing, reverse engineering and lots more use cases.


Core Impact Professional is a penetration testing tool which can test against assets such as network devices, wireless, web applications and mobile devices. Core Impact Professional has the ability to profile systems, exploit vulnerabilities, gain root access and lots more.


Idappcom appliances are used for security/pen testing and automated auditing.


Metasploit is a pen testing tools which comes in 3 versions. The most basic version which is able to do network discovery, basic exploitation and vulnerability scanning is free.


Mu Dynamics provide products that will put your security devices to the test. Mu Studio Security has the ability to send millions of malicious threats towards your network devices and monitor how they cope. Mu Dynamics have other security testing solutions as well.